good passive HDMI switcher with more than 4 inputs for 2 channel AV system?

Hi everyone.  Been a long time since I've posted in this forum as I've been 2 channel analog for many years now.  But it is a 2 channel AV system and I've exceeded the number of HDMI inputs on my Sony TV, which is 3.  I need 4+ (a little room to grow) as I have an Oppo 103, Xfinity X1, old Sony Blu-ray to stream Amazon and a Xbox 360.  I feed the Xfinity X1 into the HDMI input on my Oppo and then everything else goes HDMI to TV and analog out to 2 channel analog preamp.  Is there a good quality passive HDMI switch box with more than 4 inputs?  I don't have long HDMI cable length runs and I don't really want to fight the HDMI version issues powered switch box (I have a monoprice one and it does not work with the older Sony Blu-ray player).  TIA.

There really isn't a "passive" hdmi switch.  They all have to be active due to HDMI license issues.  The Monoprice switchers are hit-and-miss.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they get finicky or just don't work at all.  The Gefen switches are more expensive, but they are very good.  The 6x2 matrix switches is the cheapest one with more than 4 inputs (it has 6), but it is $823:

The Gefen 4x1 is $462.

They are expensive.  The cheaper ones may work, but unknown.  Sometimes you can get deals on ebay.