video switcher suggestions

Hi! Can somebody suggest decent component video switcher? Basically my TV ( Panasonic TH42PWD6UY plasma) has only one component input, and I would like to use two sources using component cable- DVD/CD/SACD ( Philips 963SA) and HDTV cable box. Thank you in advance. Regards.
Extron. Won't be cheap though.
The JVC JS-X777 has 2 component + audio in and 1 component/audio out. I read that Entech used to make an S-video switcher where the audio in/out might be used for component video.
1) Check out the link below regarding many alternative component video switchers.

2) Or check out the popular, Audio Authority Model 1154 with auto signal detection in lieu of remote conrol, MSRP $194.

3) Or get the latest technology, Yamaha RX-V1400 THX certified in $600 range (MSRP $799). This unit just became available in mid Sept 03. This unit can convert composite & S-video to component. Thus, you need only one component output. Hence, you do not need to switch video inputs on your plasma from S-video to component to PC back and forth, which your wife and kids will love. It has 2 component video inputs & 1 component video output w/ signal DC-60mHz, compatible to HD signal. For digital sound, it has 5 optical and 3 coaxial inputs and 2 optical outpus. It has YPAO feature in lieu of the Radio Shack SPL meter to automatically calibrate sound from speakers in your room, which you can find convenience. It decodes all the latest HT sound models w/ 110wpc X 7 for 7.1 HT setup, or get your own multi-channel amp to blast your house, which your wife and kids will hate.
I use one of the 1154s from$168. Has four inputs and one output. Inputs are component video, coax digital audio, toslink digital audio, SE analog audio, and composite video. It autosenses and you can set priorities when multiple components are on by monkeying with which devices you assign to 1-4, and can override the autosense with a manual button. It works pretty well for me.

The issue I have with buying an expensive switcher, whether included with a pre/pro or not is that I don't want to dump a lot into switching technology when the optimum medium for routing video signals keeps changing--we had RF coax, composite video, S-video, component video (in several incarnations, when you think about separate sync), DVI, DVI/HDCP, IEEE1394 firewire, and now HDMI. I feel like anything I buy is going to be obsolete in a few months.
Ridiculous. You can use an inexpensive mechanical switch, not electronic, like a Radio Shack AV 3 input, 4 way composite video and audio switch, with absolutely no visible deterioration in signal or bandwidth. You just have to get off your rear to push the button and throw the switch.
I kind of like the autosense for several reasons. First, when surfing, I'm not really always wanting to get off my rear and push the button. I'm not a couch potato; frankly, I spend way less time in front of the tube than most US households and, as a mountain biker and rock climber, I'm not lazy or adverse to exercise. But, nonetheless, while parked on my couch I *like* my remote controls.

The other reason is that an intelligently set up autoswitch means that people who aren't as familiar with my set-up, including houseguests, can operate it easily without a two hour instructional session. YMMV.