Surprising Backing Bands

A recent thread mentioned Meat Loaf's "Bat Out of Hell" and reminded me that the backing band behind Meat Loaf included Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Max W and Roy Bittan from Bruce's E Street Band, Edgar Winter, and, of course, Phil Rizutto. Steven Stills' first solo record included Clapton, Jimi, and a host of others.

I was wondering which other records might be notable for all star backing bands, particularly where they might be unexpected or not well known.

I just picked up a John Entwistle LP "Whistle Rhymes" which has Peter Frampton doing the bulk of the guitsr work.
here'a a moldy oldie I bought on cut-out 8-track....Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends from 1970...the group included Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Jeff Beck, Nicky Hopkins & Noel Redding
Another moldy oldie from 1971: John Baldry's "It Ain't Easy" with Elton John on piano and Ron Wood on guitar. Production assistance by Rod Stewart.
Linda Rondstat was backed by four original members of the Eagles.

When talking all time great back up bands, you have to include Booker T and the MG's at Stax and the Funk Brothers at Motown.
How about Bob Dylan backed by . . . The Band!
Emmylou Harris on her early records was backed by "The Hot Band," including Albert Lee and Rodney Crowell.
I saw Beck in concert backed by The Flaming Lips a few years ago.
Booker T and the MGs backed Neil Young in 1993 for a European Tour--much better than anything done with Crazy Horse over his storied career. I saw eight shows. "Ride My Motorcycle" is a five star bootleg from that tour and worth tracking down. One of the prize finds in my collection--pristine soundboard that rivals the best for sonics.

I am so-so on the Pearl Jam collaboration with Neil from 1994-1995.

Tom Petty produced Del Shannon in 1982, right before he committed suicide. That record, Drop Down and Get Me, sounds dynamic, features various stellar performances by the Heartbreakers, and is better recorded than any of Tom's catalogue and you would do right to snap up any copies out there. It had a very limited production run. Five stars all the way.

Bob Dylan's work with Tom and the Heartbreakers is a big yawn, as well as the tour with the Dead--no magic where there should have been IMHO.
All the people that played on George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" even Phil Collins and Allan White(Yes)!
Graham Parker's band The Rumour backed Garland Jeffreys w...a..y...b...a...c...k in the 80's.
On Robert Palmer's 1st album "Sneaking Sally Throught the Alley" he was backed up The Meters and various members of Little Feat.

On Eric Clapton's 1st solo album his back-up band included Delaney and Bonnie & Friends, and Leon Russell.

On Johnny Jenkin's "Ton Ton Macoute" his back-up band was the original Allman Brothers Band w/o Gregg Allman.
Maybe not as interesting as some of the other posts, but I was just reading that in the mid 60's, when Jay and the Americans were in the recording studio, their studio musicians was Steely Dan!
Yes, I like The Band, but the most revolutionary back-up for Dylan was in '65 with Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper. I absolutely love Booker T and the MG's so I just checked out the video on YouTube with Neil Young. Thanks!
"Basketball Jones" Cheech & Chong: (No contest, 1st place)!
Look at this lineup:
Cheech Marin - Tyrone Shoelaces (voice)
Darlene Love - Cheerleader (voice)
Michelle Phillips - Cheerleader (voice)
Ronnie Spector - Cheerleader (voice)
George Harrison - lead guitar
Klaus Voormann - bass
Jim Karsten - drums
Jim Keltner - percussion
Carole King - electric piano
Nicky Hopkins - piano
Tom Scott - saxophone
Billy Preston - organ

You might just have a winner.

Robbie Robertson has had quite the lineup on his solo recordings.
I think Jimi Hendrix played on Timothy Leary's album.
What about Frank Zappa?.

Most weren't well known but he always had excellent musicians around him.
The Aggrolites backing Tim Armstrong on A Poet's Life.

Wouldn't say I was surprised since I listened to Tim's various bands and the Aggrolites but somehow didin't know they backed him on his first solo album I bought while in a record shop.