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Best Amp With Some Warmth and Midrange Magic - Need 150wpc solid state, 100wpc Tube
Hi Nightfall-If I wanted the advantages of a solid state am, I would get a ModWright KWA150.Oodles of power, a sweet midrange and extension top to bottom. Some people say the KWA 150 has a bright top end, but I would think your headphone/speakers ... 
Node 2i to U1 Mini with Yggdrasil?
I am using an Aurender with N100H and while higher than I wanted to originally pay, it's been well worth it. It's mated with a Yggy and Audio Research amp and pre. I have ProAc 30R speakers and the stnergy between them is great. YMMV, of course. 
Best DAC for my system?
Purplejester-I was looking for a DAC at specific pricepoints and came upon this thread. Don't let the title turn you away. It's a good place to compare. The chart at the top of the thread is good. https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?th... 
Recomend Some Albums Recorded with True Imaging.
The recent Macy Gray record, "Stripped' is fabulous. It's a Chesky release. 
AURENDER information from speaking to Moon Audio
Great info! Thanks.Love my Aurender. Use it to stream TIDAL. 
And now it's Neil Innes.
"Eric Clapton on ukelele...." 
Songs That Sound the Same
Elvis Costello-You Belong To Me and the Stones-Last Time 
your favorite 3 Duke Ellington albums?
Ella at Duke's PlaceBlues in OrbitNever No Lament: The Blanton-Webster Band 
Intimate Live Acoustic Recordings
Great topic, mcondo!Hot Tuna's first record.Christian McBride Live at the Village at the Village Vanguard.Macy Gray's jazz record, Stripped. And while not performed in front of a live audience, the album is recorded live with the microphones place... 
Why are brick and mortar HiFi dealers so bad?
One more recommendation for John Rutan and staff at Audioconnection in Verona. 
How do you rationalize audio upgrades?
@david_ten LOL. For the win.Yes.Another poster, on another thread says rationalizing can cost more because you spend more in the long run when you just settle for something based on cost. 
Rega P6/ or Clearaudio Concept, both with same cartridge?
@[email protected]@tzh21yI am leaning towards the Concept with the Satisfy tonearm. I was considering the Hana EH Moving coil cart. After hearing the SL MC cart, I’m thinking an additional $400, while more than I want to spend, over time would be... 
What are your top three live concerts of all time?
Springsteen at MetLife 8/30/2016***Grateful Dead, Cornell 5/8/77NRBQ w/ Carl Perkins, Hartford 1980.*** I have the CD release and it's not as good as remembered. But still, it was an epic show. 
Rega P6/ or Clearaudio Concept, both with same cartridge?
@big-greg My dealer said the same and recommended upgrading to satisfy tone arm. With the tonearm upgrade and a dustcover (really a cat-protection-device) The TT search is getting pricier. Not sure how excited I am about THAT. 
Rega P6/ or Clearaudio Concept, both with same cartridge?
@displaynameThanks for the info/insights. I'm going to do another demo today after work and will ask the dealer about this.