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Speaker configuration Marantz 2270
Get yourself a pair of Large Advents or Dynaco A-25 speakers (both generally less than $200 a pair) and enjoy a classic/vintage combination that will deliver a very musical soundstage, and for an affordable price. Lot of audiophiles pay much more,... 
Jolida 102B paired with Boston Acoustics A200???
I had a Jolida SJ-502a that I ran with a pair of Boston Acoutics A-60s. Very nice sound, and I regret that I got rid of my Bostons. I suspect that you'll be very happy with the sound of the Jolida 102B with your Bostons A-200. 
Jolida sj502a tube advice
Mark,One more thing, I'm in agreement with Newbee conserning the Tung Sol 6550 reissues. You can get a quad of them in the $200 range. 
Jolida sj502a tube advice
Mark,Having a Jolida 502A myself and have replaced caps and resitors, ect which I felt definely improved the sound of the amp. Nevertheless I think replacing the your pre-amp tubes(12AX7s and 12AT7s)will probably net you a better sounding amp (Jol... 
Best Integrated w/ Phono-In under $350
Sterophile had a very good review of the Marantz PM5003 and said the following about it's phono section."Still, I was skeptical that a $450 integrated, however well made and with however many features, could also include a high-quality phono stage... 
rest in peace Richie Hayward
RIP Richie,Certainly enjoyed watching you play the many time I saw Little Feat. 
CD Player for my Jolida 707a
Count me as another who recommends the Jolida JD100A. 
Good bookshelf speakers for a MC240 tube amp???
Call me crazy, but I would be looking for an Acoustic Suspension speaker, something along the lines of an old NHT SuperOne or maybe even an NHT SB3, hell even the current NHT Classic Two. All would be well below the $650 that you have budgeted and... 
bookshelf speaker
You might want to check out the Spendor SA1. 
bookshelf speaker
Beyond price, what amp and source do you intend to be using with the speakers. Also, what attributes are you looking for in a speaker. In addition, where do you intend to place these speakers (shelf, stands, near a wall, away from wall???). Listen... 
Foam Plugs
Basically, if you got to put your speakers near the wall or corners, then you'll probably need the "foam plug" to help tame the bass "boominess". Of course, there is a part of me that ask the question "why don't they make acoustic supension speake... 
Mini cd system for $500?
As for your speakers, you might want to pick up a pair of Audioengine 5 Powered Speakers for $350 new. Add a source and you're good to go. 
Amp Repairs in Eastern North Carolina
Thanks guys. 
Replacement CD on a tight budget?
About the only thing I see on the Audiogon sale pages that would fit your budget is an Oppo dvd 981hd for $130. Truth be told at your price point, pickings are going to be slim. Occasionally you'll find an older Denon, NAD, or Rotel in your price ... 
Mcintosh Separates...
I suggest that you talk to your dealer about a home demo so you can compare whether or not the 220/250 combo is a worthwhile upgrade from your 6500 integrated. That will tell you much more, than any advice any of us could offer.