SS intgtd- Ayre; YBA; Sugden; Bel Canto; Accphse ?

New baby in house so tubes on main floor might be problematic- need simplicity for the television/'B' system- therefore thinking solid state integrated. Looking for a recommendation and/or comparison of SS integrated amps at ~ $2.5k max used.

Speakers are Coincident Victory, very revealing with tightly damped bass and a ribbon tweeter- large room. Looking for the most 'full-bodied' natural sound yet with excellent micro-dynamic detail retrieval as well. Wish list would include a remote plus one balanced input for a dac, plus very well-built power supply and well-executed yet simple circuit design. Here's a few options that spring to mind:

Ayre AX-7e
YBA Passion Integre
Bel Canto Evo2i Gen II
Sugden A21e
Blue Circle NSCS
Accuphase E-***??? (anyone heard the E-407?)

most interested in a comparison of the Ayre and YBA, as have heard great things about both.
I have never listened to the Ayre, but I own and love the YBA. The sweetest 100 watts per, these ears have ever heard. Put a great power cord on that baby and the next time you're looking to upgrade your amp, you may want to think of a car, instead. warren :-)
I cannot comment regarding the sound of a NSCS unit in the configutration the wish list includes. Mine has the dual shallco's, thus no remote. Plus I was told the unit is unavailable with a balanced input option.

My NSCS is just starting to break-in and I was happy with the sound out of the box. Other than possibly someday in the future replacing the cdp I cannot forsee any further system changes. I'm that happy with what I'm hearing.
thanks guys- maybe I should add the Plinius 9200 to the list?

Warren- maybe you're onto something- a Passion Integre integrated sold pretty quick on Agon the other day.
A high powered amp, integrated or otherwise is superfluous for the Victories. These are designed to mate with low-power SET or other tube amps. You're best suited to go with the Sugden with 30 wpc of Class A. Personally, I would stay away from all of the others you have mentioned. You should include the Bryston B-60, Music Hall Mambo or Lavardin IS/ IS Ref.
Also, many tube integrated are available with cages that will protect your familiy/pets from direct contact with tubes.
thanks Camadeco- I get from your post that the Sugden will have an 'edge' over the other SS designs due to the Class A bias. Of course tubes are my first choice- just a matter of finding the right combo...
I had the Sugden 21a which is a different beast from their new version of it.
However the Ayre AX-7 destroyed it,not surprising considering the price difference.

I still have an Ayre Ax7 it's a very nice amp.
Seeing as its your "B" system I'd get the new Bryston B100SST with the built in DAC (sell yours). Well given the efficiency of your speakers as previously suggested the B60 would work as well (also has the dac option available). Of course a demo before plunking down your hard earned cash would be adviseable...
they are all great, get a bryston b60 and savings bonds for the kid. its a sonic equal to the above without being as flashy
I could be mistaken but I thought I read somewhere that pretty much every reviewer out there that goes to shows agree Sugden makes the best or one of the best amp's but refuse to pay the big bucks to get it into TAS, Stereophile. Regardless, I remember hearing alot of reviewers when approached "off the record" say some of the older Sugden stuff from even 10yrs ago is still better then anything out there today.
interesting Lush- wish I could hear a Sugden- no dealers up here in Canada from what I understand...

Sugden does not advertise so the journals don't give them any respect.
My Sugden Masterclass is the best I've heard.
I have a B-60 & an ECI-3...nice to see all the praise for Bryston...makes me want to just keep it instead of side-grading as it sounds like.

However...that being said...I have been interested in hearing a Sugden for a long time after seeing Jeff's system in the past. Nice setup btw Jeff.

I'm a fan of the Bryston B-60 but it is playing well out of its depth relative to Ayre AX-7e or the Bel Canto eVo 2i II. I have heard the Sugden but not in A-B situations and I haven't heard the rest of your list at all. You might want to also check out the 47 Labs Gaincard (no remote, no balanced input) which is excellent in some applications (no comment on why it costs what it does) or the Lavardin which I have not heard but hear interesting things about.
I'm not familiar with your specific speakers although I've found some Coincidents I've heard on the bright side even with tubes.
I'm afraid that you you already have a reasonable list to work from and that further culling is going to come down to your ears. Good luck.
Howdy Sutts!
did you ever get more info on the BelCanto SET40i that are/were interested in? Thanks!
Were you considering the BelCanto for a diff system?
Just curious to know. Thanks!
Hey Bombay! Yah-got in touch with your buddy about the SET40i- thanks. Have decided it's not going to be a contender- no cover for the amp, and new baby will be crawling soon... That EvoIIiGenII integrated sold pretty fast the other day @ Underwood Wally's price of $1,890- wonder how good that piece is??

Jeffjarvis- any idea if Sugden has dealers in North America? They used to have a distributor up here in Canada- Plurison I believe, out of Montreal, but I don't think they carry the line anymore...

Greenman- I do think Ayre product is excellent, but I like tubes somewhere in the chain- getting off track for a second, perhaps my modded SF Line 3 preamp might stay in the 'A' system and would match up nicely with a V5Xe? I assume that combo would be a notch above the Ayre integrated?

Ellery- re: Bryston, as much as I wanted to like it, I could not warm up to it- and that was the latest 14BSST, even with my tube preamp...
I have heard the Ayre V5 and the Sonic Frontiers SL3 but not together. I think it has the makings of a great match, probably many steps above the AX7. I think very highly of both pieces
Have you called Bel Canto to ask about a cage for the SET40i? I'm fairly certain there was an optional cover. Whether they still have any in inventory may be another matter.
Without a direct A-B I'm guessing, but I think a Sugden A21 may lack resolution and bass drive relative to an AX7e or eVo2i II. The Sugden is, however, very smooth and musical.
I'd 2nd Greenman's reco & call up BelCanto to see if they can provide a cover/cage for the SET40i. I'm sure that it's possible to make for a reasonable amount.
The sound from the SET40i is totally kick-butt! If your speakers are upto the job, you won't regret the purchase.
thanks guys- great advice from everybody! **New info- I may be sticking with my modded SF Line 3 preamp in the main system, and if so, will need power amp only. There IS a local dealer of Ayre product, but he doesn't lend out- too bad...
Cairn 4810A.
100 watts - first 10 in Class A.
Much better than Bryston and Ayre to my ears.
Noone recommends McIntosh MA6900?
Follow this order and you want go wrong. No.1 Mark Levinson 383 cost 3300-3600 with the Revel M-20 speakers and Meridian 508.24 Cd Player. No.2 Yba Passion with same set up Cost 2400 2600. No.3 is Portal Panche with same set up. This unit is a sleeper. Cost 900-1200. Save you money and buy the ML 383 and be the Big Dog and be done. This unit really is nice and you know it the best. Look at its resell.