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Why does New York radio station sond so good?
You also need to check out 88.3, WBGO (jazz) and 90.7, WFUV (eclectic mix). 
Help needed with ICs
03-01-07: UnclejeffGo to www.fatwyre.comCall them as they don't mention the cable lending library on the web page. They also give great constructive advice.You can experiment free of charge.You should call The Cable Co 1st, 800-FATWYRE/(215) 862-4... 
Which $7000 speakers to ask Santa?
If WAF is not an issue, for $7k, go for Maggie 3.6s and Halo JC-1s or Bryston 4b SST. 
Best speaker cable for audio physic padua speakers
Cables are not the answer. What amp are you using? 
Looking for suggestions for a 'new' cassette deck
CDP to replace vinyl
Buy yourself the new Olive Musica server, load your Lps onto the hard-drive direct from the Lp source and get the best reproduction possible. 
Best Integrated Amp for Confidence 5 speakers
Ericaudio- I am curious as to why you are opposed to separates. I believe you would have more options at comparable cost. 
Amp with a hard,clean and cold sound...
Levinson 331 
Amp for Virgo III's
Add Plinius SA-100 mkIII to your list. Delete Melos as it seems the restoration team has closed their doors. 
RE: ASR Emitter 
Best One Country System?
USA:Wilson WATT/Puppy 7Audio Research VM 220 & SP 16Cary CD 303/300VPI Scoutmaster w/Benz Glider(sorry no US made carts)All Purist Audio Design Venusta cables.Germany:All MBL system 
Is this album on CD, and is it available?
Is this what you want? 
Best floorstanders under $1000 new or used
Maggie MG-12 
The quality of sound of an integrated amp?
Do yourself a favor and keep what you have. Unless your intention is to reduce your system size, The CJ/4004 mkII has a wonderful synergy. I used the same combo for Maggies and ProAcs and you are not going to improve on what you have unless you st...