speakers close to the back wall ?

The back of my rear ported floor standing speakers are one foot from the back wall and can get boomy in the port frequencies. I can`t move them further out into the room so I`m looking for a speaker that works well close to the wall at around 3000 dollars.
My system is Sim Audio moon 5.3 integrated amp and matching cd player.
My Focal 836v speakers sound great to me up against the wall. I like the increase in bass compared to what I heard in the store well away from the walls. The soundstage isn't quite the same, but I'm fairly locked in with possible locations. Mine are about a CD length from the wall so much closer than yours. I can't imagine anyone complaining about the bass in their current location. One is near a corner. The front and bottom ports seem to work well. Ironically, they are $3,000 retail price so almost exactly right.
That Salk Songtowers have a transmission line design, which allows them to be placed 1 foot from a wall with no boomy bass. For less than $3k you can get your own custom wood veneer and upgrade to the RAAL ribbon tweeter.
Go to North Creek Music and check out the Big Kat floorstanders. These and the mini-monitor Kitty Kat are the only remaining models in George Short's "near wall specific" series and are at the top of the line.

George has considered all the design factors that compromise a speaker's performance when it's placed near the wall and dealt with each one of them. With this placement, you won't get a better soundstage than the Kitties deliver and there is no boom. George's work with crossovers is outstanding. I'm gonna sound like a shill if I go on. Do check them out.

Audio Note speakers work well near walls and corners ... also transmission line Jordan jx92 based speakers from Carolina Audio, Konus Audio and AudioWood among others would work well also
Have you tried some absorbing material in the port? A cheap fix if it works.
Some Linns, high end HT speakers, i.e. Thiel SCS, etc.
I agree with Stanwal..Dynaudio ships plugs for their ported speakers..try that first
Talk to your speaker manufacturer first as not all speakers react the same to their ports being filled, but Stanwal has a good suggestion. You can get some closed cell foam and shove it into the port. This will allow you to create a sealed box. Alternately you can try stuffing polyfill or other "looser" material in there.

If another speaker is your preference the I'd suggest the Audiokinesis Rhythm Prisms or Audio Note speakers.
Boston Acoustics A400s are made to go close to the back wall, and they are in the same ballpark as your budget.

Disclaimer: I have a pair of these for sale currently on Audiogon, but this post is for information only, not a sales pitch.
Oops, I thought you said around $300. The A400s are WAY below your budget!
Regas are a classic near-wall recommendation. The RS7s are on budget new.
Socks are cheaper than dynaudio plugs???
Agree with above - try stuffing the ports with socks and see what you think. Another very cheap plug is foam pipe insulation available in different diameter sizes from a hardware store. It can be tailored to still leave a small hole for air to escape, or plugging outright.
How about Von Schweikert VR-33? Check it out.
Try the Omega Super 6 XRS Alnico or the Super 8 XRS Alnico. They are designed with a down fireing aperiodic port, so distance from the back wall is not that critical. Also Louis at Omega is a one off custom builder. He can make any of his designs with a front port to compensate for rear wall distance. Give him a call he is a great guy and is very passionate about his designs.
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The Audio Note E's gave boomy bass in my room against the back wall and corners and not until they were 3ft. back was it controlled.

Try before you buy.

I'm using a floorstanding single driver no crossover speaker with front slotted ports from Planet10 Audio called the Fonken 167.
Obviously all rooms and all speakers require careful matching. AN/e's are quite balanced in my room....a bit more than a foot or so from my front wall. Large room 20' x 30' brick one side, glass the other.....horses for courses.
The Audio Note E's gave boomy bass in my room against the back wall and corners and not until they were 3ft. back was it controlled.
If you want the AN-Es closer to the wall try placing a diffuser between the speakers - an Indian blanket or a curtain will work. You can also try placing a tube trap behind the speaker, at least 11", but you run a risk of mucking up the bass.