Speaker suggestions??

As a relatively new listener too high and audio, I am having trouble deciding on a good speaker for my listening preferences

My new-ish setup:
I prefer to keep things simple.. So a very basic system
Amps: Simaudio M-400 (pair) via XLR
DAC: Wyred 4 sound dac2DSD (no preamp)
Media server: Mac mini
Speakers: Focal 726 chorus

Im not totally happy with the SoCal speakers in the trouble trains I prefer a softer trouble but I still like a full sound but no harsh overdone treble.
I generally listen from pop/ dance/ electronic to jazz, rock pretty much a little bit of everything alright like detailed smooth sound and generally listen at a moderate to high level in a 15x 12 room w vaulted ceilings.

one friend who is close can't say enough about ProAc the 28.
I want to stay under 6k
I am only able to demo the ProAc and a few other brands so your help would be very valuable to me!

Im fine with used speakers too.
I bought my focals when I had my beginner system with surround sound Denon AVR
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I think that your treble is in trouble.
Look into Harbeth or Spendor!
Yogiboy, really with the Harbeths? I own Harbeths but I guess I've never listened to pop/dance/electronic on them. I'm not sure they would be my first choice for these genres but I could be off. I've heard Mozart as loud as a Motörhead concert and that was awesome.

Please recommend some music for me to try.
I'm a ProAc fan. I also can't say enough good about them. I still use response 3's In my bedroom and love them. I won't say they are the best out there, but to me, they do everything right. I'd never give mine up.
You're not the first to post here looking to tone down the Focal tweeter. Given your preferences the first thing that popped into my head was PMC. There is a nice pair of PB1is on sale here that would probably be just a little over your target after negotiating (priced around $13,500 new). Might be too much speaker for your room, but the vaulted ceilings may help. Best of luck.
I think you should look at dynaudio they sound great with simaudio and are definitely not to hot in the trouble.
"Im not totally happy with the SoCal speakers in the trouble trains I prefer a softer trouble"

Keep drinking and they will keep sounding better and better......

You definitely want to look into speakers that are described as being musical . Some of the suggestions have been for those, such as Harbeth and ProAc. Focal are sometimes described as being analytical which is your trouble with the treble, I own them and found myself building a system to make them sound right. It worked- but mine were born oportunistically and a couple of notches up the Focal ladder. In effect, they were to good to throw out and start over well..... its a long story. You're smart to cut your losses and get what you want immediately or else I would be telling you to get this and that to make them sound good.
Good luck and no more trouble.
Before you decide give a listen to Kef R900 . I am using them in a similar size room with great results. They list at 5k but can be bought for less. They are a very good speaker for the $ I compared them to many 10k+ well touted brands and Kef won out. Also should well with your system. Best
Some others that might fit the situation: Krell Resolution 1, 2 or 3, Totem Mani 2, Tekton Pendragon, Dali Helicon and Revel F52 or Studios.
You should check out Vivid Audio V1.5. It fits all your criteria.
Great suggestions!
I'm glad many of you were able to see through the drunk-ish reading post!! (I made it on a cell phone with "voice to text")

SoCal= Focal
Trouble= Treble
Trains= range

I'm not finding how to edit my "creative" post so I'm sorry for that.

My local dealer does have the Harbeth/ Spendor/ PMC.. another has the Totem but not nearly broken in as the ProAc D28's were.

Hope you all had a GREAT 4th!! !!MURIKA!!
When I searched my top two were Dynaudio and ProAc. You should be able to find threads on this site with titles such as "best spseaker under 3k" or "best monitors" with good info and suggestions.

good luck!
Well I am now demo-ing the D28's and I must say they have lots of unexpected bass! I'm impressed with the sound
but 6k worth... hmm more tyime and music variety is needed