Speaker cable recommendation for Marten Django XL

I recently added the Marten Django XL to my system and now I am looking for recommendations on speaker cables (preferably from Marten owners). Anything you can share on your selection process, why you ended up with the cable you have, etc. My system:
Auralic Altair fed by Synology NAS => Balanced out to
Parasound Halo JC2-BP => Balanced out to
Bel Canto ref 1000 M mono blocks
My musical tastes cover the entire spectrum (1000 years, 5 continents, all genres).
I'm not putting a budget in here as that is secondary to finding the right 'fit'.
Thank you for any insights you can share.
My musical tastes cover the entire spectrum

:) I don't profess to know everything or like everything equally (Free Jazz, Mongolian throat singing spring to mind). But I do listen to almost everything and my collection contains 15,000 albums give or take...
I have never owned Marten's, so filter my comments as you wish, but I have heard them at audio shows several times.  I like their speed and their articulate sound, but I do note that they tend to offer no warmth, in and of themselves.  I run some TAD CR-1's that also lean in that same direction, and I have been very pleased with Elrod Gold Statement speaker cables with them.  I get the articulateness inherent in the speaker, and I get a fuller harmonic presentation, more "meat on the bones", as it were.  I strongly suspect that they would work similarly well with Marten speakers.
I recall reading that Jorma cables were a good match for Martens.  I have never heard them, but I thought I would pass this along.  
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Douglas Connection Alpha 12AWG OCC Speaker Cables might work nicely.  I very recently heard the Django(not with the Douglas cables), and I would agree with jbrrp1 above about their sound, which seemed to me to be just a bit "sterile" or "analytical" as some people describe certain speakers.   They also did not seem to have much bass extension and impact.

The Douglas cables offer great imaging and soundstage, but with awesome bass impact and slam, and being made with "Finest OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) long grain Copper Speaker cable available from Furutech", offer a touch of "warmth". 

I recently heard the Douglas Alpha 12AWG OCC with a high end tube amp system and big Legacy Audio speakers, and the sound was awesome.

Jorma Cables, are a sonic match for Marten speakers.
Follow melbguy1 here , he uses these cables and cords and is an excellent resource from down under.
Jorma design cables are a great match. I use the Origo cables.

Jorma design cables are a great match. I use the Origo cables.

Devils advocate here but I see no special connection to Jorma other than some Marten dealers sell Jorma and as would many cables they sound good together. Personally after many years on the cable merry go round I’ve ended up with Audioquest which I believe would work with anything. The name AQ has been around so long that it’s not exotic whereas Jorma has some mystique about it. I’ve owned Origo and found it fine but in no way superior to more traditional brands of good high end cable. Just one mans opinion.
Jorma cable is used to voice the Martens as it is used internally in the crossovers. It is a great match. The other, and more affordable, recommendation for Martens would be either the top or second to the top Furutech speaker cables. But the Jorma is still better. And with top notch gear, the difference is audible.

Assuming your gear is already providing the tone and detail you desire, don’t bother with much else.

PS I am very familiar with Martens, and own Miles in the Heritage line. Django XLs are also excellent. Furutech is definitely my first recommendation for cabling, if you don’t jump right to Jorma. Last comment - burn in is a real phenomenon with both cables.  I dont have Jorma, but my friends with Martens do.  And with Furutech, I noticed a big difference after two days of run in on my friend's cable cooker.