Bi wire cable recommendations for Marten Dukes

I just bought a pair of marten dukes and a pass labs x150, and was wondering if anyone might be able make a recommendation or convey some positive experiences with speaker cables? My goal is neutrality not sweetness.

I have posted the answer to this many times. Try Anti-Cables and take advantage of their money back guarantee.
I just switched from Cardas to the much less expensive Anticables. I purchased 2 stereo sets of Anticables so that I could Bi Wire to my speakers, because they do not sell a Bi wired set. I wish that I would have done this a long time ago and saved myself a great deal of money. The Anticables are not even broken in and they sound terrific in my system, extremely musical, without any coloration. As Stringreen stated, you have nothing to lose by trying the Anticables, except a small stock fee if you do return them, but well worth the opportuntiy to determine whether they are right for your system.
hey stringreen and cyclonicman, thanks for the input. I'll definitely put the anti's on my demo list to check out. curiously, ever compare these to analysis plus oval9 ? thanks again.
Jorma No2 or No3
thanks, teddy-bear. wow! them suckers is pricey! if i had the coin, i would definitely get the jorma cable. my budget for cables cuts off at $600.00
Crimson cables with Martens is the way to go!