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Martin Logan Expression 13 - setup question
Thank you all for the inputs, that is very helpful. Might have to stick with Summit X (no rear-firing woofer and slightly shallower base unit) if I want to satisfy my ML craving :) Luxury problems...  
Another streaming newbie
In case this was not mentioned before as an option: you could look at a used Auralic Altair (1st gen). It will stream all the usual services and file formats, it comes with one of the better free music management softwares (Lightning DS) and even ... 
Auralic Vega g2 or aurender a10
Another point to consider is: what will you be using by way of control app?The Vega G2 is a superb streamer dac, but you don;t get the Auralic Lightning DS app with it (for that you need to add the Aries G2). You can use the Vega G2 as a Roon endp... 
When people upgrade from Thiel
I recently went from Thiel CS7 to Marten Django XL. I tried for the longest time to find the uograde kit to take my CS7 to CS 7.2 but no luck. The Martens offer the next level up (from the CS7) in terms of air, open, accurate mids and bottomless b... 
Speaker cable recommendation for Marten Django XL
:) I don't profess to know everything or like everything equally (Free Jazz, Mongolian throat singing spring to mind). But I do listen to almost everything and my collection contains 15,000 albums give or take... 
Your Go to CD to Impress
Second the following earlier picks:Nils Lofgren - Keith Don't GoPatricia Barber - AlfieA lesser known (probably because sung in French) fave of mine:Michel Jonasz - Le Temps Passé(From the album 'La Fabuleuse Histoire de Mister Swing')Not only the... 
Personal speaker evolution
Leak 3020 (1978)ESS Heil AMT-1 (used, 1985)Martin Logan Quest (used , 1993)Thiel CS 3.6 (used, 2005)Martin Logan Ascent II (used, 2010)Thiel CS 7 (used, 2013) 
Audio Research LS16 MkII or LS25 MkI ?
Thanks Lostbears.The more I dig, the more I read, the more questions I have.I have to ask about another comparison next (new thread), where the dollars are at least equal, if the approach is not. 
Audio Research LS16 MkII or LS25 MkI ?
Thank you for your feedback.What if we added an LS26 to the mix? 
Personal speaker evolution
Marantz something (new) $100 (late 70s)Leak something (new) $150 (late 70s / early 80sESS Heil AMT1 (used) $700 1980sMartin Logan Quest (used) $3,000 1990sThiel CS 3.6 used ($1,500) Early 2000sMartin Logan Ascent used ($1,100) 2012 
Best $1,500-ish New or Used Floorstander -
I was in the same situation as the OP 6 months ago.I have always had a soft spot for Martin Logan and got a great pair of ML Ascent for under $1,500.I use them both as the front speakers in my HT and as the stereo speakers for my audio system and ... 
I recently auditioned their $139K Ultimate reference at the Newport Beach audio show and I was VERY impressed. Of course, for that kind of money, I'd better be impressed, as there is stiff competition at that price point.What is unique / unusual a... 
has anyone heard the Tannoy Kingdom Royal?
I specifically went to the Newport show to listen to high end speakers. So I auditioned the TAD Reference, the MBL 101, the Magico, The Kef Blade, The Venture Ultimate Reference and the big Tannoys. I just wanted to hear what the current state of ... 
'New' power amp introduces ground loop hum - help?
Thanks, I found a similar product which did the same job:http://rmscatv.com/ocart/index.php?route=product/product&path=61&product_id=98 
OPPO BD95 output question
Thank you for your feedback (and fr saving me some money, LOL ) !