Speaker cable help

Plinius 8100 integrated, Vienna Mozart speakers, musical fidelity A3.2 CD player, rega planar.3 turntable.
i am considering the following speaker cables,
analysis plus oval 9, Kimber 8tc, transparent the wave, synergistic core, acoustic zen epoch, any experience with these cables and or any other cables you might think will work in this rig is greatly appreciated 
thanks in advance
Others will chime in, but, in my opinion, cables are so system dependent that unless someone is using the exact same equipment, I doubt you are going to get any credible information.
Also, length and bi-wiring will affect the sound-Can you provide that info?

Unless you can find a local dealer who will let you demo a set, I would try to find a company that allows you to return cables after a trial.
I would add Audioquest to your list. They make a wide variety of cables in as many price points, and they usually work well in most systems.
Single wire, the Mozart’s are not bi wire capable. Length either 8 or 10 feet. I’ve also heard good things about the audio art cables
Synergistic. Highly recommended. I use https://highend-electronics.com/ a lot of their Synergistic comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Ask Alfred about it.
Agree cables a very much system dependent and what you like or think is right will be different with anyone else. Only cable on your short list I’ve owned is Kimber 8tc and it is a good cable. After the Kimber I went to Clear Day Cables Double Shotgun which I felt was a far better cable, and later settled for now on WyWires Silver which does everything the Clear Days did and more but does a better job getting out of the way and doesn’t sound HiFi but natural.

If if you can’t do in home demos from local stores, then buy used is the safe bet. I use a mix of WyWires and Nordost and will likely stay with these two brands as they play well together.
Hello skipper320,

Of the five speaker cables that you mention in your post, I have auditioned four of them in three different systems.  I'm very lucky since I do professionally reviewing I get to hear a lot of gear on a on-going basis.

A speaker cable that costs less or about the same that out performs four of what you were interested in is Black Cat Cable's Coppertone which retails for $300 for a ten foot run.  It a terrific performer and so far has worked in every system I have tried it in.
It'd be most helpful to know what cables you're using now and what kind of improvements you're looking for. 

The Black Cat Coppertone is excellent,clear and detailed with a touch of sweetness.Kimber is detailed but leans toward cool as opposed to organic.Analysis Plus oval 9 is organic and natural sounding and slightly rounds off transients,a perfect compliment to an overly detailed system.Of course YMMV but these are my impressions.