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Help with a Bedini BA-803
Spoke to them today. They said they won’t work on a bedini amp for some reason.  
Help with a Bedini BA-803
Also wondering if anyone knows of a technician who will work on Bedini Amps. Thanks  
CD player recommendations
Thanks for all the input. As you can tell, I'm rather ignorant when it comes to the DAC/digital world. So the next question is this. The icon mk2 has only a coaxial rca digital output. The cl-20 has numerous outputs, including some labeled pcm/96k... 
Who else is using old cables/interconnects, and is happy?
Still using Audioquest Clear speaker cables, emerald and lapis interconnects.  
preamp for CJ premier 11A power amp
the premier 11a drives a pair of b&w 804s speakers. CALicon mkii and cl20 cd players and a rega p25 turntable. ive also been looking at the bryston bp20 and a classe cp50 
Belles original 150 amplifier. Any good?
This is an original belles 150. It’s is a rather ugly duckling. It looks like a black shoebox. However, it sounds great! I grabbed it off a local selling site. He only wanted $50 because he had no idea if it worked or not. I quick peek inside reve... 
Rega planar 25/rb600 cartridge recommendations
Any thoughts on the AT150sa? 
Rega planar 25/rb600 cartridge recommendations
Looking at a grace f9e 
$1000 bookshelf speakers with "recessed", "laid back" or "flat" mid-range?
Vienna acoustics Haydn  
Can you recommend an integrated amp 2K or less for Golden Ear Triton 2's?
If you can find a plinius 8100, grab it! 
Rega planar 25/rb600 cartridge recommendations
forgot the Hana as well 
B&W P6 tweeter replacement
Update. I got the tweeters apart and soaked the magnets in alcohol. I was able to clean the old gunked up ferrofluid out of the gaps. It took some time, but I used a dental pick and the little teeth flossers with the brush on the end. When they we... 
DIY xlr cables
Thanks for your reply. I went to parts connexion. Is the BL-1 the wire you’re referring to? It might work nice together with my DH labs T-14 shotgun biwire speaker cables. Thanks! 
To bi wire or not bi wire
Dear akg_ca,My sincere thanks for your unhelpful input. Since my system has changed over the years and my inability to demo cables due to where I live, I seek opinions on what is available and in my price range. I would rather field opinions from ... 
To bi wire or not bi wire
So I’ve narrowed the choices down to the following. Dh labs t14 and q10signal ultrablack cat coppertonenordost blue heavendiscovery 123thoughts?