Sources for Focal 1038Be II

Hello, I'm new here. I am looking for a great deal on some leftover Focal 1038 be V2 speakers. Might consider lightly used. I'm aware of everything google has to offer at this point, so where else should I check. Thanks in advance.
They have been showing up here new and used quite a bit.  Check out the HiFi Shark site, which is a search engine for audio sales.  If you use it, set the filter for North America or you'll get a lot of overseas listings.
Parts Connexion was selling some discounted Focal's.  Not sure if they were one of them but worth a look.
Thanks for all the responses. I'll be checking into all of them.
There is a new pair of 1038 be (not sure if they are the “II”) Upscale audio’s Website for $6300. I would guess they bought out the last of the stock when they were discontinued. 

At these prices, I've been tempted to pick up a set of 1038 Be II, but I keep reading reviews and owner reports that the tweeter on Kanta and Sopra is newer and better, less strident. 
Btw, how can one differentiate between the II, and the original version?
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I do not know more

There is a notable difference between the 1038 BE and 1038 BE Mark2 (BEII). Make sure you know which is which as they updated the components and tweaked a few other things:

"Like all the high-end loudspeakers in the Electra 1000 Be 2 range, the Electra 1038 Be floorstanding loudspeakers has benefitted from new components and settings. The impressive punch delivered by three 7″ (18cm) woofers with their inexhaustible power, reinforces the new clarity in sound image and definition."

I have the Electra 1038BEII floorstanders and the matching Electra SW1000BE and never feel the itch to upgrade the speakers. They are gorgeous to look at, especially in Porsche Carrara White lacquer and without the speaker grills which cover those gorgeous 'W' sandwich cones!
I purchased a refurbished pair of 1038s from Upscale Audio in the fall of 2018. Shipped from Focal in Canada direct to my house via freight on a pallet.
I had the 1028 Be prior to the 1038 Be. 1038s are a superior sounding speaker in every way. Better bass, more integrated sound from top to bottom, fuller mid bass. They go LOUD. I was using subs with the 1028s but not the 1038s (for two channel). Flat to low 30hz range (measured). Only negative is larger size.
They are not strident speakers. The Be tweeter is amazing, excellent resolution and very transparent. I don't think anyone would say Focal makes romantic sounding speakers but they are not fatiguing in anyway . It is highly resolving, pure, and transparent. Once you have listening time on these most other speakers can't compete.
I did notice the glass plate on top of the left speaker is slightly lower than the right speaker. Not aligned quite right to the side panels. I think this a product of being "refurbished". The speakers may not be perfect if you go this route but you still get the full warranty and the sound is unaffected. Not a big deal. Took me several months to notice.
Per Focal, there is no difference between 1038 Be and 1038 Be II. They are the same. Not sure why both terms are used. 
I am using an Emotiva XMC-1 Pre/Pro, ATI AT525NC amplifier, Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) music server and WireWorld cabling. Also sprung for the Furutech GTX-D R outlet. 
Dead wrong.  The Be II has a larger tweeter by .25" for one...
So, the II has 1.25", and the original has 1"?
Is this correct?
Yes it is absolutely correct.  The II is a less bright sounding speaker, but still a slightly bright speaker over all unless set up perfectly and skillfully in the room, which 98% of “audiophiles” can’t do properly.
@contuzzi, I believe you have been misinformed. There has never been a 1038BE and a 1038BE II. What I believe you meant is the 1037BE (older version with 1” Tweeter) and 1038BE (newer version with large tweeter). You can verify with Focal directly and they will tell you what I am saying here. I have extensively researched this before I purchased a pair of 1038BE, CC1008BE, 5 of the 1008BE. Trust me.
@djmitchell, I agree with your assessment of the 1038BE. They are truly amazing speakers. Sold my Paradigm Sigs S8v3 and C5v3, which are wonderful speakers and great value; truly enjoyed them over the years.  But, in my opinion, these Focals are in a different league, and awesome value at the going prices.  I’ve also replaced a pair of S6v3 with the 1008BE in a separate room.  I’m loving these speakers. 
1027 and 1037 are be-1, 1028 and 1038 are all be-2 with the bigger tweeter. Confirmed with focal
Yes I was of course correct about that.  Not sure why it was questioned.

ANYWAY, the 1028/1038 sound nothing like newer focal.  It is the last of the slightly forward/bright sound they were known for when not matched perfectly with the right gear.
I’d take a Kanta no2 over a 1038 any day.  The deal on the Electras now is tempting but make sure you can hear them first or you may regret it.
DJMitchells assertion ("Per Focal, there is no difference between 1038 Be and 1038 Be II. They are the same.") was correct, as all 1038s have the same tweeter and there is no such thing as a 1038 Be-1.