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focal 1038be or sopra 2
I had the Revel F208 and M106 for a few years before I sold them. I wouldn’t say just as good.  They are very good sounding speakers for the money.  Now I have the Focal 1008BE, 1028BE and 1038BE.  The Focals are just in another league.  
Focal Electra 1028 BE
I have the 1028BE and very happy with them.  Several years ago I had my eyes set on a pair of Paradigm Signature S6v3. I was offered a great price on a demo pair which were next to a set of the 1028BE in the showroom. I remember wanting the 1028BE... 
A Surge Suppressor Story
what about Panamax? are they a series-mode suppressor? 
Audioquest or Kimber kable.
Listen and compare with your ears... if you hear no difference, awesome you just saved a bunch of money you can spend elsewhere... for others who can and prefer, awesome and enjoy the music. 
Audioquest or Kimber kable.
more impact and slightly better bass with AQ Vodka HDMI vs Carbon, but very close to Mocha with DBS.  Video, no difference. 
Why so underwhelmed by Revel F208 audition???
Owned the F208 for 3 years, bought without listening to them based on overwhelming positive reviews at the time. They actually sound pretty good, very neutral, transparent, not fatiguing at all. Was much better than the Paradigm S6v3 I owned as we... 
Chinese fake cables How fake, how good?
I have genuine AQ HDMI Carbon and AQ HDMI Mocha (similar to Coffee). I purchased an AQ HDMI Vodka from China to compare to these two cables. Video aside cause it is very difficult to distinguish differences and all three to me look very similar, t... 
Isoacoustics Gaia Speaker Footers
Took them off and sent back to the dealer. They weren’t an improvement in my system... Just sounded diffused, floating, at the expense of center imaging and texture in the vocals...chalking it up to personal taste, unfortunately not mine. 
Isoacoustics Gaia Speaker Footers
Yes, the logo is facing the front on all footers and nuts tighten.   The speakers are on Berber carpet, which is low profile carpet... not sure if using Gaia carpet spikes would make much of a difference.  By the way, I did check out some of the c... 
Isoacoustics Gaia Speaker Footers
Ok, with all the rave about these ISO Accoustics footers, I bought two sets of the Gaia II for my Focal 1038BE and installed them yesterday.  So far first impression over two days is mixed... not sure if I would say I heard an improvement, as many... 
McIntosh 255 vs Parasound Halo A51 vs Anthem MCA 525
Your Yamaha CX-A5100 will work just fine.  I briefly owned an AVM60 as a potential replacement for my Classe SSP800, but unfortunately was no match in sound quality so I sold it. It might be ok for folks who mostly watch movies, but I spend 90% li... 
McIntosh 255 vs Parasound Halo A51 vs Anthem MCA 525
Of the three, go with the Parasound A51 to match with the Studios..  Having owned several Paradigm speakers and Parasound amps in different configurations, they are a near perfect match.  
Difference in sound between copper and silver digital cables?
@audiozenology, perhaps if you speak from empirical evidence doing comparison on your own and say you perceive no difference, then your comment may lend some credibility but just stating theory from science book or wherever makes you fall into the... 
Which of these power cords ?
You should add Triode Wire Labs power cables on your list. 
Audioquest vs. Others
Best to check the voltage of the batteries using a multi-meter before replacing them all.  In many cases, you may find one of the batteries depleted while the others are in 10-11 volt range.