Focal CC1008Be vs Utopia Center with 1038Be fronts

Hi there,

I have some Focal Electra 1038Be's as my main front speakers, and I am looking for a suitable center speaker for a HT setup.

The obvious choice, of course, is the matching CC1008Be, however I have the option of a used Utopia center, for not a great deal more money.

Does anyone have any advice as to the best center for this application? I presume the older Utopia center is the better speaker, but may not be as tonally matched to the 1038's as the matching Electra center.

Thanks in advance for any insights!
I have the CC1008Be as a center with my Diva Utopia Be mains. Given my choice I'd pick the CC since the Be tweeter will match across the front channels.
Great speakers. I loved them however I decided on the Sonus Faber Cremona M. I saved about 3k, I could justify the additional cost.

Are you happy with your purchase?

Good Luck