Soulution vs Boulder vs TAD electronics vs MBL whi

Owning now the Soulutions 700 monos/pre, speakers are the MBL 101 MKII I goes to the Munich 2013 show, and I was hearing many systems, and in my humble opinion, Soulution was a little lean, TAD a little dark and Boulder a little too sweet but at the end better, I recognize that the best system for me was the living voice with Audio note Kondo, but kondo can´t work with my speakers, the second best one was the TAD system and the MBL, I was very disappointed with Constellation with TAD reference one speakers, surprised by how good sounds CH precision electronics with VIVID speakers and with Stenheim speakers(Alumine 2 way) in two different rooms, also Absolare with Altair speakers had very good sound, and in one of my 3 vists to the Magico S5 with Spectral room they also was good, not so in the others 2 visits.

I will be very pleased to know your opinions and advice, based on what did you heard about these electronics(MBL, TAD Boulder perhaps the new series 2100, CH precision, Balabo, never heard.., and sorry and yes the soulutions are for sale and accept yours offers, are 220 located in Europe.
If you are in Europe you should really check out the Audionet stuff from Germany.

The gear is incredibly advanced, and is reasonably priced for true reference gear. The press on it from anyone who reviews it is usually a rave.

Their ideas are quite different they use very few output devices and the amplifiers were developed with technology derived from a project to increase accuracy in medical measuring equipment.

Their MAX amplifiers are rated for 400 watts 8 ohm load and can deliver 1,100 watts into a 2 ohm load.

These amps are neutral yet musical.

I will be evaluating them in my reference system shortly, everything I have read about them shows these guys really know how to build equipment.

I have heard the Solutions and I have never thought they were musical, it is a hard balancing act to achieve some degree of sonic neutrality without killing the timbre and timing which makes an amplifier sound musical.

I would point out that many of these products are over designed and this complication leads to impressively built components which have robbed the soul of the music, sometimes simplicity and elegance of the circuit serves the purpose better.
Wow, you are all over the place!...and then you end your post with a classified ad for your amps. Not good.
Obviously, if you can't decide what you really like, no one will be able to do it for you.
Soulution was a little lean, TAD a little dark and Boulder a little too sweet but at the end better, "

Dude those are some of the best and you don't like?

Really an ad to sell your amp??
Yeah the ad thing is not cool. Spend a few bucks and post a proper ad. Still, I would take a serious look at CH Precision. They seem to have replaced Goldmund, Soulution and FM Acoustics in the Swiss top tier segment. Apparently they are all ex Goldmund engineers and were behind Orpheus and Anagram. Soulution is very dry and sterile to my ears, Boulder sounds slow while CH Precision is very dynamic, linear and more engaging. I heard AVM and while musical is simply not on this level. I have heard CH Precision with YG Acoustics, Wilson and Zellaton speakers.
Who mentioned AVM? Audionet is Audionet, AVM is AVM two totally different companies.
Glory, sorry not an ad to sell them, because: first I need to buy something, I think that is correct and honest to ask to the people, because as you can understand , its very difficult to demo all these electronics, sorry if I have upseted to you, but I have very clear that for to sell I only need to pay and make the ad at audiogon or other online sellers, and thank for to share with me, your opinion and experience, both are welcomed, and have been a great help.

Audiooracle, thanks for your advice, I have heard Audionet, great electronics, but not sure if they can to drive my MBL, instead that they seems to have so many power, theoretically.

Roxy if I can get my MBL 101 MKII with these differents electronics, it will be very easy for me, because as I think that the best sound, is the sound that I like, then no problem, but as you can understand no one dealer have all these toys.
Hi Emigene,

as you are aware I'm one of the VAC Statement 450 mono block owners referred to on the WBS site, actually the first owner and then recommended to others.

I was chuckling when I read what Peter B wrote;

"But, you will never unlock the full dynamic range potential of the 101 E with tubes. I've tried. Jadis JA 500. The midrange can get damn good but the bass with always fall a little short."

Firstly I do not agree with statement because Peter has never had a pair of these Vac mono's in his set-up, the JA 500's not surprised nor with some other tubes he has tried.

When he mentions bass will always fall a little short - how can this statement be made if one hasn't actually heard all others - it can't.

The Vac's are the first amps that I owned that actually produce what I feel is a more realistic sounding bass - a really good friend who is a famous drum player put on a pce he uses "recorded" and said he was shocked how realistic when played on my system. Yes you can rock as hard as you want with these amps paired up with your MBL's with no issues.

I figure using the VAC pre your volume level will be up and around 12 o'clock - any further and we are talking concert levels. I don't listen at those levels personally but have rocked it out on some pces just for the heck of it and there were no issues :)

All SS amps I have tried to date "a long list" all fell really short in way too many areas"

I have not heard these AVM amps Peter B mentions in his video - suggesting they are a match in heaven - they just might be to him but keeping in mind referring to what he has to date only listened to - he does say they do fall short to the MBL 9011's in specific areas

I owned 9011's - 6010D - at the same time owned the Vac pre - ARC pre and swapped back and forth.

I greatly preferred the Vac's and in my opinion are in a whole different league "universe" and are the ones to own - you will just forget about the rest and enjoy listening to your music :-)

I have some new cables coming from Stealth Audio - replacing my Sakra's XLR's IC's to V12's and Dream SC to the new Dream Royales so I look forward to hearing the difference.
You are pretty restricted with amplifiers with your MBL 101 MKIII, With a efficiency of around 80 dB. You need a amplifier that can deliver much current instead of voltage.
I don't know if you have read but some time back now I installed StillPoint Ultra 5's under my speakers and found it to be a positive sonic wise so I would recommend such, not cheap but well worth it. You can read allot of what others have are experiencing doing such with numerous different speakers along with installing under other electronics including turntables.
So Dev is the leader when it comes to amps on this speaker having walked the walk.

Hey Dev get ahold of Brian @ Aaudio and demo his Thales IC and hear what all the commotion is about over this wire.

I would try to find a pair of the Audionet MAX they should be able to drive the MBL's perfectly, they have amazing specs, with massive power delivery into 1 ohm loads, with a tremendous damping factor, these two attributes should lead to a successful marriage with the MBL.

When you factor in their reasonable price and superb build quality I don't see why you wouldn't want to check them out
I will check Audionet, and also try to demo the news Boulder series 2000, and I forget tubes , it seems if that the CAT can´t drive well the MBL, will be difficult that nother tube amps can to do it
Emigene, disagree with your statement above saying "will be difficult that nother tube amps can do it" NOT TRUE!!!!

I owned CAT mono's JL3 Sig MK2's and in my opinion not in the same league "universe" as the VAC's driving these specific speakers.

Boulder, I had a pair of 2050 mono blocks and even though they did this and that nice again not in the same league as the Vac amps with these speakers in my opinion

Have fun trying this and that, I know I did and learned allot along the way - end of the day it will come down to personal taste but in my opinion the VAC Statement 450's are the REAL DEAL and gets you off the merry-go-round, allows you to just enjoy! :-)
Soulution was a little lean, TAD a little dark and Boulder a little too sweet but at the end better, "

Dude those are some of the best and you don't like?

Really an ad to sell your amp??

Good one Glory, I always enjoy your answers no B.S.
You still have your Lamp dac ?
Dan D'Agastino amps are by far what you are looking for. Now post an ad!

A Lamp to death for me unless there is some major breakthrough in Dac land and then one will have to wait 5 years for the $$$ to drop to buy it.
Maybe its just me, but I have always liked (loved) MBL speakers with MBL amps.
The best sounding system I ever heard at an audio show was with a BAlabo amp and pre-amp driving Perfect8 Technologies "The Point" speakers. If you thought the amps you mentioned were a little colored in their musical presentation, you may want to listen to BAlabo (which you also listed). If I were in that price range, I would also try to audition the Perfect8 Technology speakers - by far the best I've heard (do some research and check them out). Good luck.