Grand Pianos paired with Classe/Theta electronics?

A recent move to a house with a smaller listening/ viewing room has compelled me to sell my Legacy Audio Signature III's (with matching center and rears) and replace them with another speaker system. I'm using a Theta Casa Nova processor, and a Classe Audio CAV-180 for power. This combination sounds fantastic to my ear, but the Legacy's are simply too big for my new room.

During my recent demo spree to find a new speaker system, a couple of speakers have struck me as excellent, particularly for the money. First is the Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home, which Sonus will soon phase out, but I still believe is a great speaker, and it's available for a fairly drastic discount at $2,500 for the pair, brand spanking new. The other is the Paradigm Reference Studio/100, which ends up being about the same price.

I have a few questions for anybody that can help:
1. There are so many great reviews about the Studio/100 speaker system, but I don't see many on the Grand Pianos. Am I crazy or are the Grand Pianos a fantastic speaker, but too pricey if you have to pay the $4k list price? If they listed for $2,500 a pair, wouldn't they show up on a lot of experts' recommended speaker lists (as the Studio/100's do)?

2. Are the Grand Pianos (along with the matching Solo center and Wall rears) a good/bad/ugly fit for the electronics that I've mentioned? How about the Stuiod/100's?

3. Can anyone comment on the comparative strengths and weaknesses of the Grand Piano vs. the Studio/100, for both (jazz/blues/acoustic guitar) music and home theater?

4. Any suggestions for alternative speakers to demo, given my electronics and a price range for mains ranging to around $3k? I've thought of looking at the B&W line but there are no local dealers.

Thanks, and sorry to ramble. If the length of my post has offended you, please accept my apology and move on.
A friend recently bought a pair of these Sonus Faber speakers and they are wonderful speakers. He's driving them successfully with both solid state (Proceed) and tube amps (20 watt 300B push-pull, custom-made).

The only problem is that they sound quite a bit better if you sit on the tweeter's axis -- this is noted in the owner's manual -- which means either tilting them forward (thus messing up their time alignment) or maintaining a high seating position. It helps if you're tall! But even seated off-axis, they're pretty great. Really good bass, given the size of the drivers. Good luck, Dave
I have heard the GPHs extensively and I thought they were a good value at $3650... If I did not already own some pretty decent speakers already, I might have snatched them up at that price. At $2500, I can't think of a better choice brand new... I am confident you would be happy with them.

I own Grand Pianos and absolutely love them. At that price, they are a steal. I use a Cary Tube Amp with mine but the Classe and Theta stuff should really shine with them. I really don't see how you could go wrong with them.

Thanks, everyone. I was leaning toward the Pianos, and your comments have solidified my gut feel. Thanks for your input.

By the way, Chris, I bet they sound amazing with that tube amp of yours...

Have any of you heard them with a sub, for movies? Can you recommend a sub? Sonus isn't exactly known for subs so I was thinking of going with another brand.
I have used a Velodyne 12" sub with the Grand Pianos in the past. They worked very well together.

Thanks! Actually the Sonus Gravis Subwoofer is pretty nice and really musical. I heard it paired with a pair of Concertos and was impressed. They also make a Cremona Version of this subwoofer but it does not come cheap.

My first choice though would probably be a REL Strata III. Highly musical, tight, and available second hand here on Audiogon for a decent price.

Good Luck!

Great, thanks Hiflyer and Chris. The first time I auditoined the GP's it was with a REL Strata III as you (Chris) suggested. The system sounded great but I hadn't listened to enough systems at the time to make an investment, so I waited and ultimatley bought the Legacy Audio setup that I described in my original post. I'll have to try and find a REL dealer in the area and give it a try again. I've also heard great things about Velodyne's DD series, as well as the James subs. More listening to do... Thanks again for your input.
That's a great deal! I would be interested to know if SF is phasing them out for a new model.
I strongly suggest you demo a pair of Vandersteen Model 2Ce Signatures. Not only will you be able to save money for the surrounds, it will resolve just as well your front end electronics. Also, they are not as bass shy as the SF speakers are.
Good luck!