Best Electronics for Aerial 7b's...Amps and process

Need advice on what amps and surround processors match well
with the Aerial 7b's.....Does EAD makea good processor for
2 channel and surround?.....There seems to be alot of the older ones available......Any one who can shed some light on
this would be greatly apppreciated Thanks
Classe is a great match with Aerial.
I am the proud owner of Aerial 8's and power them with a pair of Classe CA-150's. This combo was recommended by a knowledgeable fellow in Texas and my local dealer agreed that Aerial's like power and the Classe's like to run in mono and the results are very nice. Enjoy experimenting and make sure you bi-wire the speakers. A big difference.
You may want to also try the Theta Dreadnaught. You can configure it with 5 200 watt modules or a combination of 100 watt modules for an even greater channel combo.