Electronics for Vandersteen Home Theater

What type of HT electronics work best with Vandersteen HT speakers? I'd like something capable of the Vandersteen's full potential but less than $5K.
as long as youre gonna have decent spks, get separates. sunfire makes a goood front end and multichannel amps. you wont thirst for power or quality. i know its popular to love to hate bob carver bukt thew truth is he puts out good value for the dollar with his innovative products.
I would be tempted to go with a used Lexicon MC-1 ($3500??) and 150wpc 5 channel amp (though you may want to consider 7 channels with the Logic7 mode!!)
make sure you get enough power- i use a bk ref20- initially had a carver av705x and it would clip if i tried to play loud- upgraded to parasound 2205a and am very happy. i have 2c's, vcc-a, vsm-1, v2w