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Amp recommendation for Magnepan 3.7's?
I bought Parasound JC-1s used a few years back for my 3.6s and couldn't be happier. 
kaizer speakers reviews
2 or 3 years ago I listened to the Kaiser Kawero speakers a couple of times at RMAF and was very impressed with their musicality. They were fronted with some nice Musical Fidelity components. Sorry for the lack of details but it's been awhile sinc... 
Cracked glass/ Mcintosh
An alternative would be to locate a company that specializes in plexiglass products - a new cover should be easy for them to fabricrate, cost far less and last longer than factory ordered. You could also split the costs. 
Do you indulge when listening to your rig?
Single Malt Scotch (neat) usually MacAllan or Lagavulin. Sometimes with a really good brew such as Alesmith Speedway Stout. 
Soulution vs Boulder vs TAD electronics vs MBL whi
The best sounding system I ever heard at an audio show was with a BAlabo amp and pre-amp driving Perfect8 Technologies "The Point" speakers. If you thought the amps you mentioned were a little colored in their musical presentation, you may want to... 
What Are The Top 5 Audiophile Shows In The USA?
I have been to multiple CES, RMAF and Newport Beach audio shows. CES is the undisputed king - they have the most exhibitors by far. That show is designed primarily for the trade and not the end consumer. RMAF is a very user-friendly show and attra... 
Opinions - Best Sound at T.H.E. Newport 2013 Show?
The best sounding room for me at the Newport show was Perfect 8 Technologies - I thought it was head and shoulders above everything else. Also outstanding was the Dynaudio room (as with Perfect 8, given the the cost of the components it was a syst... 
Rockport Atria?
I heard them at the recent Newport Beach audio show. I thought they were a little bass shy - at least compared to the Avior which I heard extensively at the same show the year before. The exhibitor assured me that this was due to the limitations o... 
What is the best sounding amp for Maggies 3.7?
I have Parasound JC-1s with my 3.6s and they have proved to be an excellent pairing these last 5 years. I also think the Pass 350.5 would be an excellent pairing. Given that their retail prices (new) are similar, it may be beneficial to compare th... 
Thoughts from THE Show, is $29k the new $10k?
I also found the Rockport Avior with top end BAT gear very enjoyable (I spent time there on two seperate days and was very impressed). I also thought the new (smaller) TAD floorstand speakers (called Evolution Ones?) that were set up on Friday to ... 
Rockport Avior?
Kwb - Which hotel and what room will you be exhibiting in? Thanks 
Speaker suggestions at around $30k
If I had $30k to spend on speakers I would try to listen to the following (in no particular order):1. Aerial 20T V22. Focal Scala Utopia3. Wilson Sasha4. Tidal Piano Diacera5. Rockport Avior6. Marten Designs (they have a model that goes for $30k)7... 
Planning to buy SF Ellipsa...any input?
In the August '07 issue of The Absolute Sound the reviewer used mainly MBL gear and was very impressed with the speakers performance. 
Tidal Speakers owners
Why not contact the seller in your country and see if he will let you come over and listen to them before you make a decison on purchasing them. 
Tidal Speakers owners
I was at the 2011 RMAF and the people showing the Tidal speakers hinted at a new model coming out that they may debut at the 2012 CES in Las Vegas. Very interesting but, pricewise, that model is way out of my league. The Tidal Piano on the otherha...