Sony SACD 5400 ES: how to get it in standby ?

I would like to leave this unit in standby rather than switch the unit off every time I have finished paying a CD.
However, if I follow the instructions and push the on/off button the display blinks "Standby" a few times but the unit then makes a click and appears to have switched off. Is this a fault or do I need to do something else??
Well, standby IS turned off, except for being able to respond to the remote control.
So you got what you paid for.
Some preamps, and amps standby keeps the circuits on, just at a reduced level. i think you are confusing that with the usual standby.I which the machine is off, but responds to the remote to wake up.
When I wish to turn my 5400 off completely, I press the power button, see the "Standby" message, but continue to hold the button down and it goes off. I've never really tried to leave it in Standby. But I would have thought that a quick push to get the "Standby" message and then lift off your finger would work. To be honest, I've never tried to leave it in Standby.

Are you keeping your finger on the power button?

I normally leave mine on though.

Turn it off with the remote.
I never turn my 5400 off. With no cd loaded the laser is off and the motor is off. Only the electronics stay powered up which is better than turning it on and off. I had a 777es which was never turned off in 10 years
I never turn off my XA5400ES either. This is one player that I noticed takes a very long time to warm up, and sounds noticeably better after warmed up.
Thanks for the comments.
I tried to go to standby with one touch, from either the remote or the chassis on/off button. Both turn the unit off ( click!) rather than put it in standby- as claimed in the Sony manual. Contrary to what the manual says, it seems standby doesnt exist.A pity since it uses less power in that imaginary state- according to the manual....
I think I will just leave it on since I agree it sounds better warmed up.
As far as I can tell the only way to completely turn off the unit is to pull the plug. The on/off button on the remote and the player puts the unit in standby. It doesn't matter how long you hold the button down the unit will click into standby.
Not so, Rsfphil. On the unit itself, simply hold the power button down, wait a few seconds after the "Standby" message and it turns off.

Metralla. I've tried it both ways. Held the power button down for a split second and held the power button down for a few seconds and I got exactly the same results. The standby message flashes for a few seconds and then the unit clicks off. Is it clicking into standby or is it turning completely off? This is with the remote and with the unit itself. I read the instructions and I can't find where it says to hold the button down for a few seconds to turn it completely off. Granted the instructions are unclear. This is from the instruction manual.
Power Switch
"Turns the power to the player on or off.
To let the player enter power-saving mode (standby mode), press power on the remote or the player"
It doesn't mention how to turn the power completely off.
My guess is that the unit is always in standby.
The standby message flashes for a few seconds and then the unit clicks off. Is it clicking into standby or is it turning completely off?

OK, I see what you are saying. To be honest, I have no idea. I only do this when (a) I go away for a couple of weeks on business or holidays (b) I want to move the SACD player to apply a little mineral oil to the soapstone shelf on which it sits.

In (b), after I turn it off I pull out the power cable and move it. Then when finished, plug it back in, turn on.

In (a), I just leave the house. I honestly don't know if it is still in standby.

Thanks for posting. You could be right when you say "My guess is that the unit is always in standby." My problem is that I have never put it into Standby to see what that state looks like.

If you can turn it on/off with the remote, it must be in "Stand-By." It could not respond to the remote if it was really powered off.

Agree with "If you can turn it on and off with the remote, it is in standby".
The problem as i see it, is the EXPECTATION of the electronics being left on!
Because some power amplifiers and preamps HAVE a partial stay on where the electronics are still powered a bit and THAT is also called 'Standby', the expectation for ALL equipment to behave this way is there. It is NOT the normal 'standby' to keep the electronics warmed up. The real original 'standby' ahs been all it does is mean the product can be turned on and off with the remote. that is it.
No secret low powered special status. Remote works on/off yup, then the unit IS on standby.
Kal writes:
If you can turn it on/off with the remote, it must be in "Stand-By." It could not respond to the remote if it was really powered off.
I guess it depends on what you mean by "Standby". Expanding on what Elizabeth says.

I am not saying that the following applies to the Sony, but provide this as a different example of "Standby".

With my BAT VK50SE amp, I can put it into Standby by pressing the Standby button on the front of the amp. The little blue light lights up, and the valve heaters are still running (probably at a lower current) but the B+ is turned off. To fire it up again to operational mode, I can press the Display/POWER button on the remote, and it goes through a 60s cycle and comes on stream.

In addition, I can hold the Standby button on the pre-amp down for 5s or so, and it turns completely off. The Standby light goes out and the tubes go off, and it goes cold.

But the IR receiver for the remote is still working, because I can fire it up from being off with the remote.

I would have to unplug the power cord to completely disable it.

So perhaps there can be three operational levels if we take the remote circuitry into consideration.

AFAIK, there are no heaters in this player. ;-)

I think the player is telling YOU to standby and make sure it powers off.
AFAIK, there are no heaters in this player. ;-)
Damn. No kidding. ;-)

I once had a player that displayed "Standby" after missing breakfast, lunch and dinner I fiqured out that it must not be talking to me. LOL!
Sony has a tendency to do that. I have a Panasonic DVD recorder that is a little more polite. It flashes between "please" and "wait" during power down. Some remote units have an extra switch in the back of it to turn off the remote receiver, when going on vacation or other. The only true standby I can think off of hand, is on tube gear. It shuts off the high voltage to the tubes, but leave the filaments on to keep the tubes warm. Some TV's had that option until roughly the mid '70s. The government griped they were wasting energy. It was convenient to have an instant on TV back then, in the CRT days.
Yep, the Sony reads please wait when turned on. I think they used standby to distinguish between the two. But what do I know, I think my player talks to me. :)