sonic signiture of accoustic zen satori

could anyone offer their opinion on the "overall/general" sonic signiture of the satori speaker cable in a solid state system ?

if it what i am looking for, then i will spend the time to audition.

thanks !!

I had the AZ Satori and in my system, which is all solid state, the signature I would call close to neutral.If you have bright electronics or a bright source, they will show that as they are very accurate and dynamic. On the contrary, if your system is warm, they will show that as well.If you could give a list of your associated components in your sytem, it would be easier to give a recommendation.
I had the Satori single run with my Maggie 1.6s and liked them very much but I would classify them as slightly warm in the bass dept with especially good tone in the mids and highs. They have a nice sense of focus and PRAT and soundstage as well. A very nice cable.

I may have come to this conclusion because I have Plinius gear which is slightly warm itself but at the very least it is not bright in the slightess - IMO.

I think the Hologram is the same sound just better definition, especially at the extremes and can be had for not much more money.
Hi... Doing some research on this cable and was wondering what does PRAT mean?
Pace/Rhythm/And/Timing or Power Rock At Tim's but I don't know who Tim is.

Hey, Tim's a friend of mine. What are you rocking about? He likes Mozart.

Owned the Satoris / SS gear / Classical music (mostly) / warm, pleasant, ok. / sold them.

PRAT is what a performer develops with a little bit of talent, good teaching/role models, and lots and lots of practicing.
tried the satoris on my alon ii's. i have to say i didnt care for them.

the midrange was nice, but the extensions ( top and bottom) were a little dull imo.

hope that helps..

I had the Satori's in my system for a long time(system is down currently). I like them a great deal, and a much bigger improvment over Harmonic Pro 11 and Audioquest Gibralter. I ran a double run to my speakers for improved sound. it was airy, clear, detailed, dynamic, uncolored, and had a huge soundstage! I couldn't ask for anything more.
I also used to deal with the Transparant and Nordost stuff. For the money, I don't see how you could go wrong with this steal of a bargain! I wouldn't hessitate to go Satori (or Hologram, depending) again. It's superb IMO> I used it with solid state, and tube pre's and such. Excellent!
I agree with Mike Singer
I was told by an AZ dealer that the Satori are designed to have a flat frequency response. In some systems and rooms, this can sound like the top end is rolled off.Robert Lee can tweak your Satori for a nominal fee to add a rise in the top end to compensate for this "rolled off" effect. I too had this lack of top end extension in my system with the Satori. I recently went with the Double Barrel speaker cables and the top end is very open and extended with no symptom of that Satori "rolled off" effect. Just another example of system synergy with cables(IMHO)