WIREWORLD Silver Elipse 3+ or 5 Sonic Signiture

could the owners of wireworld siver eclipse 3+ or 5 describe the sonic signiture. i am looking to use it in a all solid state system

Pse studio V monos
Audio research LS-12
Marantz sa8260

i am loooking for a neutral and transparent interconnect that images well on the fast side.

thanks !!!

I can comment on the Eclipse 3+ speaker cables (copper), the Eclipse 5 copper ic's, and the Gold Eclipse 3+ (silver) cables. I believe the Silver Eclipse and the Gold Eclipse is the same except for the termination. Please check. Those names, by the way, are really confusing to me.

The 3+ copper series when added to my system sounded as if I had upgraded my amp and added a good SACD player. Everything in my system just fell into place. The soundstage was wider than the speakers on everything I played. The image depth and visual perception of instruments and people increased. The unusual thing about these cables is that I don't hear the darkness of copper. These are the most illuminating copper cables I have heard. Although the soundstage is better lit, the cables seem to retain a very smooth and natural sound which is very relaxed. They are pretty neutral, but not Valhalla neutral which is probably a good thing for a lot of systems.

The 5 series copper is about 50% better I'd say. The basic character and sound is the same but it seems faster and clearer and more focused. The upgrade to the 5 series is worth the dough.

The 3+ series Gold Eclipse I have is really a lot of fun also. It sounds just as I have described above but with more detail, more light, without edge and a little less body while retaining the dynamics of the copper.

These cables are a lot of fun. I don't miss the Kimber 3035's "as much" anymore.

I hope this helps.