sunfire signiture sub

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quick review for a sunfire signature sub..

this is the third sub in my house... have owned the rel strata III and storm III. the rel's are very good for music but doesnt quite have the grunt for home theatre..

rundown for the sunfire sig.
- small size (13x13)
- incredibley high output (knock down a wall !!!!)
- easy to setup
- cheap for performance offered
- great for home theatre

- intergration for 2 channel music not as good or high resolution as rel
- basic finish

highly recommended for home theatre.

ht system
marantz sr 8400 as processor/preamp
marantz dvd
muse and pse mono blocks
sonus faber wall speakers
art audio ic's
shunyata pc & straightwire pc's

home system
bat vk-30r
classe cam 350's
pioneer dv-10ax
electro dac
audio physic libra
xlo signiture 2 ic's
audience pc's
soundstring speaker cable
I have a sunfire signature series 2 channel amp that works flawlessly so I decided I wanted a sunfire signature sub (12),so I went out and purchased one got it home hooked it up to my system and after 40 min of music at a little under half volume it just quit working.Now I'm a big Bob Carver fan but after close inspection this wasn't a Bob Carver product. I wasn't aware that Bob Carver sold sunfire comp. a few years back and while there still using his ideas too a tee all of them are now manufactured in China and no longer built in Snohomish, WA. So beware Sunfire is now an inferior product as far as I'm concerned.