B&W 800 Signiture

Hi, I am upgrading a complete new sound system and would like to get some opinions please. I will have a Mac system the mx 150 , two mc 501 monos etc. On speakers I want B&W and was thinking on the 802 Diamonds, but, I have found a mint set of B&W 800 signitures for $5000. Is this a good price , they are mint and from 2003. Are they good speakers, thanks
That is a crazy good price. So good, I might be a bit suspect.
Are they a good speaker vs the 800d or 802d
absolutely, they were $16K to $20K and only the tweeter is upgraded so unless you have to hav ethe diamond. I'd say save some money and grab them because I wouldn't sell my N802's much lower than that right now.
I think the 800N signatures sound better than the newer diamond 800 series. I am not sold on the newer Rohacel woofers and diamond tweeters. I think the paper/pulp woofer seems to quicker and more natural sounding. The tweeter on the nautilus series is a little thick but with the right wire and newer better caps you should have a speaker that in my opinion should kill any of the newer Diamond series.
I could agree with "Thesoundhouse" and the sound being better or worse will be in the ear of the beholder. How bad could either be and at the price why even worry about it?
Kappyman, Your working on a great system. I'm curious. If your building a 2-channel system why did you choose the MX150? Mc hasn't even put this product on their website at this point so I can only read about the MX136.
Well my thought is to have a great 2 channel with the 800 sigs, use the mon blocks to power them , have a 205 with the mx150 Home Theat etc.
If you can see and hear the 800 Sigs for $5K, I would jump on it. I would have thought the going price on Agon would be around $10K for the Sigs.

I have a pair of N800s that are supposed to share same guts but plain cosmetic finish. Even with its nothing- special-nautral cherry finish, they are the only speakers my wife want to keep around...

BTW, they sound good also. ;-)