Solid State watts to power Zu Defintions?

The sweetest Solid State watts that you have first hand listening experience with? Thanks in advance.

BTW, my Preamp is a Bel Canto SEP-1
Odyssey Khartego, Pass Aleph
I've tried to find a solid state amp that sounds great with the Definitions and I've tried every topology you can think of including class A, a/b, D, chip amps, and First Watt. I wish I had all that time and money back. Tubes are a pain in the you know what but the right direction in my opinion. However, a few suggestions happy owners have expressed fondness for McIntosh and Butler amps with them. Sean Casey really likes the Bryston 2b which you can pick up for peanuts.
I have no experience with the Definitions, but like David I have tried numerous examples from virtually every topology--but on my Soul Superflys.

I've tried Firstwatts, Alephs, Class Ds, Class Ts, but what is really standing out and kicking some serious ass is a Redgum Audio RGi120 that I'm borrowing from a friend while my 845 SET is temporarily down.

I almost declined to borrow it as I didn't expect it to fill the void of my Shindo/845 combo, but this little Australian integrated is damn near perfect for my tastes. Sweet, dynamic, clean, liquid and really, really friggin' engaging. I don't know that its completely linear and the bass may be tipped up just a tad, but in a very pleasing, super-engaging way.

Tomorrow I'm taking delivery of a pair of Pavane 845-Ts to bring my monoblocks back to life and once they have broken in I'll have to do some serious a/bing and soul searching to see if I really need more then this Redgum to keep me happy.

Interestingly, the Redgum with its passive volume control doesn't seem to like to be used behind a preamplifier. Its happier alone than driven by my minimax or shindo auregies l.

A distant second in solid state for me were borrowed Pass Alephs driven by a nice tube amp.
Electrocompaniet amps are sweet and so musical.
what did you do with your SET40?

I have a set of McIntosh 601 monos that are going to be installed this weekend. My current MA6600 sounds very good on Zu Def2s.
What is being said here? That SS isn't as sweet as SET? No flame, just asking, honest.
The SET40is plugged in and sounds simply amazing. When we have friends over I wish I had more power to see what my Defs can do: Big place and oodles of dancing and noise. Not a reason (really) to let go of my SET, but I was curious if there was anything out there in the SS kingdomthat could approach my SET sound. I should have known better. I'll bet a YBA Passion 600 power amp (150 per) would come mighty close. Having owned (and loved--very sweet SS watts) YBA that may be the way. Bryston? Been there done that with the 4B with another rig. Can't imagine Sean liking that match up with the Defs. Well rock for sure. Jazz? NEVER!
Let's see: very efficient speakers, nice pre amp, and you need a good amp?
Have you considered a Burson?
I have the integrated version for my Tonians (not as efficient as yours-the Tonians are 95db) and it sounds wonderful. I believe the amp is around 90 watts per channel, class AB, and it has the cleanest sound in my limited experience. Not antiseptic or analytical but clean, rich, full, and engaging with detail aplenty and not at the expense of tone, body and texture. Great for all kinds of music.
There is a dealer local to me who used to carry Zu and had a pair of the original Definitions driven by a Sim Audio Moon W-8 power amp, and they sounded fantastic. Having said that, when they switched over to a top of the line VTL tube amp/pre combo, it sounded even better.
WarrenH---check out a used Mac 402 (with quad balanced circuit). they are really cheap now that the 452 came out. and with Mac, easy to resell of course.
McIntosh solid state amps with both autoformer outputs and the quad-differential topology. As good as solid state will get on Defs. Pick your price; try for monoblocks; you're golden.

Love my Def 2's on the end of my Naim set up Cd 555; pre NAC 552; power NAP 300. perfect trans atlantic union.
Zu's can have a slightly aggressive high treble with solid state. Tubes fare better. Avoid "bright" mps or amps with an overly lean presentation. That said, I had good luck with a Rega Elicit before I switched to tubes.