Software recommendations

I am new to computer audio. I am not into the "Tech" and really just want easy, trouble free sound. I have been using Amarra 3.0 for down loaded music, and Amarra sQ for spotify, and though I like the sound when it is working, I have found it to be unreliable and unpredictable. Reading reviews has not been helpful as most reviews are more ad copy than critical evaluation. I would appreciate your input as to good/bad of various options. My primary concern is #1, ease of use and reliablity. #2, sound quality. #3, cost.
I think Amarra is Mac-based, so I don't have recommendations for Apple. For the PC, I've been pleased with MediaMonkey Gold and DBPoweramp.
Audirvana sounds very nice, and is rock solid. I'm running 1.2.10.
If you are not setup for bit perfect playback, that could explain why results are unreliable and unpredictable. I would make sure you have bit perfect before you make any changes.
JRiver for playback, DBPoweramp for ripping. I've used many others and these 2 seem to be the most reliable.
I have tried Amara and Audirvana Plus, preferred the sound of Audirvana Plus. Very easy to use and completely reliable.
Amarra still crashes on some guys computers, Audirvana has been more reliable on this aspect.
JRiver for playback, DBPoweramp for ripping.