Any recommendations for aftermarket C-7 power cord for Bluesound Node 2i

Looking for help on finding a better sounding C-7 power cord for my Node.  I have read about Audioquest, Pangea, Cullen, Shunyata, etc.  I have even looked at making my own.  Any suggestions or experience with good C-7 cords would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
I have tried Shunyata Venom and Nordost Purple Flare but my favorite is Cullen. Cullen lean towards organic and slightly warm sound which in my opinion is a good choice for any digital component.
Put Wireworld in your list. They have cables available for Node 2i
thyname  "Put Wireworld in your list. They have cables available for Node 2i"

Can't seem to find anything on their website about C-7 power cables available for the Node.  
I found it.  Thanks!  Looks like a lot of choices and I'm sure quite an array of prices.  I'll check it out.  Jim
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Been very pleased with my Cullen Cable C7.



I have a really good Tributaries C7 no longer needed about a year old. Tributaries is the entry level of Clarus Cables which are outstanding.
It's a 1 meter cable I will list on Agon. 
I am not a deep pocketed music lover ... I have Cullen AC cables throughout my system including my node 2 because they are solidly built, sound great, and you won’t have to sell your children to the Gypsy’s to buy them . 
Great price great service. 
This is an incredible power cord for digital or power 
carbon fiber shell Copper connectors , deep Cryoed 
Bests cables at 2x+ the price . Triode  Wire Labs 
it really brings out the low level details and great controlled detail.
and working on getting another ,and I have had many $$ cables .

I have Cullen power cords for both my integrated amp and my Node 2i, very satisfied with both.
I think Gypsy's are very underrated. They're like the Boy Scouts without the uniforms and all the abuse. Your kid will develop lots of street smarts.

That, and I second Cullen Cables.

All the best,

How can one justify a power cord that cost just as much as the component?
Does anyone have any insight about the Audioquest power cords?

I had a spare Pangea IEC Power cord. Got an IEC to C-7 adapter for about $20
How can one justify a power cord that cost just as much as the component?

When one upgrades the wire and it improves the sound at least as much as when one upgrades the components the wire is connected to, and for about the same cost, what more justification does one need?

I sense ulterior motives. Or, dare I say it, justifications?
I have a Pangea c7 for my node. Perhaps slightly blacker backgrounds with it, nothing too drastic. I do like the build quality and flexibility of it. Looks cool, too. Worth the $35 I think. 
“When one upgrades the wire and it improves the sound at least as much as when one upgrades the components the wire is connected to, and for about the same cost, what more justification does one need?”

You’re so full of Do you ever go back and read your posts? Since you don’t own Node 2i, your explanation (justification) is utterly out of context. 

I own Vault2 and a $500 power cord on this type of component is total waste of money. 
I use a Wireworld Electra Mini C7 with the Node ~ good results. But I would first try a VooDoo C7 adapter with your existing power cords.
Tried Audioquest, Pangea. Wireworld mini Stratus,  Wireworld mini Aurora and Signal Cable magic digital.
The Signal cable and Wireworld Mini Aurora are both great match with the Node 2i. 
I kept the WW mini Aurora only because it was longer. 
I'm very pleased with my Cullen C7. I also auditioned 
Wireworld, which was excellent, but the Cullen has such an expansive soundstage.

Considering Wireworld Mini-Electra, Cullen C-7, and Voodoo Vision Digital Cable for Vault 2. Already use Wireworld Starlight 7 ethernet cable from wall port to Vault. Vault plugs into Furman PFI20 power conditioner. Rest of system is described in my profile. One concern is that Voodoo cable might be so heavy/stiff that it pulls Vault off shelf or raises one end. Curious to get thoughts of group.
PSWant to add that I prefer sound that is precise, dynamic and energetic to sound that is warm but woolly.
Purchased Wireworld Electra Mini. Per Jason at The Cable Company, it supports characteristics I describe above. By the way, Jason has an encyclopedic knowledge of cables and cords and is always ready to help.
Curious what are your experiences with burn-in time for Electra Mini.
Built my own and very happy with it. Purchased all parts from VH Audio.

Shielded Twisted Pair (12 AWG X 2) $10.99 per foot.

Furutech F11-M (CU) $48.99

Furutech FI-8N C7 $56.99

If you build your own I’d recommend a shielded cable and only connect the shield at the wall receptacle end to the ground and on the equipment end it floats as it’s only two conductor with the C7 plug but even with a three prong plug the shield still floats. I use this cable with my Vault 2 and it made a nice improvement over the stock PC. Haven’t tried any others but I’m sure it’ll keep up with anything else in its price point. 

I’ll take a picture and add it to my system if you want to see how it looks. One could add some tech-flex to dress it up but I like the way the raw cable looks so left alone.

Just noticed I used the gold plated plug.

Furutech F11-M N1


Wireworld Mini-Electra C7+++

Excellent match for my Node 2i
Another vote for the Cullen.

Frankly I can hardly believe the improvement, there is more information across all the frequencies with a quieter background.

well worth the $99
Another vote for Patrick Cullen and his C7 - I run it into my Apple TV 4K - well priced, nicely finished, very professional to deal with
I installed the Wireworld Aurora mini on my Node 2i and am very pleased after 4 hours of listening.

Lower noise floor, so better audibility of the quietest parts of the music. Even things like the mechanical noises of piano pedals. I can hear the tube noise in some older recordings that was not previously audible.

Cleaner reproduction of all frequencies and better separation of instruments.

Very impressive improvement in bass definition and low end extension.

The C7 connector is not polarized, so you can plug it into the Node two different ways. I found a big difference in the sound of the two directions.

I'll report back if there are any changes after a week or so of use.

Thanks for your post. Are you using it’s internal DAC or an external DAC with your Node 2i?  

I'm using a Yggdrasil external DAC connected with a Mogami 2964 coaxial cable and an iFi SPDIF iPurifier with UltraCap™ LPS-1 power supply.
I’m using the iFi SPDIF iPurifier as well between Node2i and dac. I have an upgraded Swagman Labs LPS and the sound from the streamer is so much better than a stock Node. Spacious soundstage, black background, more detail with smoothness in the highs.
A very worthwhile upgrade in addition to an aftermarket C7.

Another option to consider is getting a good quality C7 adapter; this gives you lots more choices for the cable.

I just recently sold my full sized DAC for an RME ADI 2 which uses C7 and then started looking for C7 cables and my list pretty much matched what everyone else has mentioned above.   I then questioned myself why I wanted to buy yet another powercord when my Shunyata Alpha Digital cable was now sitting idle so I purchased a  Cryo Treated C7 C14 Adapter from Take Five Audio and am using it with the Shunyata and RME with fine results.

Any thoughts on iFi and SPDIF coaxial cable quality? Is cable quality made irrelevant with the iFi?
@buschmann, the reclocking by the iFi sure helps reduce jitter, but not all SPDIF cables are created equal. 
The design, construction, length all contribute to sonic differences in cables; eg, soundstaging, dynamics, fast attack, etc. I've tried several cables with my CDP and Node2i running through the iPurifier, each was different.

So I guess I'm saying you get many benefits using the iFi by reducing jitter resulting in a smoother, more dynamic sound. So the cable probably is less important. So I went for the cable that sounded the best for my system.

WIREWORLD mini Electra is what I use.

Thanks to lowrider57's comments above, I decided to try out alternative data cables between the Node and my DAC. As I stated above, my original cable was a good quality conventional 75 ohm coaxial cable.

I installed a pretty radical SPDIF cable made by Mad Scientist Audio using carbon fiber for the center conductor. It made a dramatic improvement in the sound. Much more of an improvement than the previously upgraded power cable. The sound was better resolved, bass and treble were extended, and transients were crisper. I'm surprised to find such a change when the iFi is supposed to be regenerating a "perfect" SPDIF signal to the DAC.

I then decided to try an optical cable for something completely different. I installed a Van Den Hul Optocoupler II, and found that at first listen it's a small increment better than the coaxial with carbon fiber and iFi. I'll need a little more listening time before coming to any conclusion.

The Node, streaming Tidal HiFi or High Res files off a USB stick, seems to be capable of really good sound when cables are optimized. It's already my best quality source of music, and it's not fully tweaked yet.
Ice Age Audio or Cullen Cables,
Both are really good!