cartridge recommendations: SL1200 mk2


anyone have cartridge recommendations or which ones work best for a stock SL1200 mk2? my budget is in the $300 range which i think is an adequate budget for this level of TT. i'll wait on the hi level carts until i upgrade my TT in a few months.

anyone have feedback on the KAB/ortofon custom carts?
lots of talk about the denon DL-160 as well.

Shure 97, very inexpensive ($50) and great sound. Why spend more. It can be a back up if you find better sound.
i was thinking to go as hifi as possible to see what this 1200 is capable of. ive owned my 1200's for more than 15 years but have used mostly DJ carts from ortofon and stanton.
I'm pretty happy with a DL-160 on my SL-1200, and having listened to it head-to-head with a DL-110, I feel it's worth the premium.
Get Ortofon 2M Blue for MM of Ortofon Samba/Salsa if MC. Mates well for direct drive TT. Enjoy
The absolute best I've run on my KAB SL-1200MK2SE is the Jico SAS-MM1 cartridge available fo $240 shipped. Do a google search for it and you'll find it.

The other more well known alternative is the already mentioned AT-150MLx.
Forgot to comment on the KAB carts. I've owned the KAB Ortofon 30 and 40. They are good carts but are greatly bettered by the others mentioned.
If your interested in a moving coil...I recommend the Audio Technica AT33PTG..price is at the top of your range.
$383.61 ,plus shipping.
You have to order this direct from Japan..but it's well worth it.imo
thanks everyone for all the input.
KAB is only about 45mins away from me and he stocks the goldring carts. i ended up buying the 1022GX and had kevin mount it onto a technics headshell.

1st impressions....LOVE IT! I'm hearing things in the hi end on records that i know by heart that were never so clear and obvious. certainly a step up from the ortofon discmaster and stanton 500 that i've been running previously.

and it's still breaking in. my 1st hi end cart and i am not disappointed at all. in about 2 months i'm dropping my 1200 off and i'm going for that ortofon 2m black! this is a great cart until then :)

thanks again folks!!!