Decware Torii owners: speaker recommendations?

After six months without speakers and a move to a larger listening room, I’m finally ready to start shopping again. I've most recently owned Philharmonic Audio 2’s, which were fantastic, but didn't provide the dynamics and emotional connection I’m looking for when paired with my current equipment.

I’m looking for dynamics, realism, emotion, a big sound stage and holographic imaging. I want to be “floating” in the music per se. My new room is an exposed basement room measuring 17’ x 23’ with open hallways on both ends and multiple windows with a sliding glass door. I plan on adding room treatments soon after moving in. My listening preferences are all over the board but lean heavily towards classic rock, throwing in some jazz, pop, and solo guitar music along the way.

My chain consists of: PC > Wyred DAC 2 (no upgrades yet) > Decware Torii MkIV w/EL34’s

I’ve always wanted to try the high sensitivity game and am driving myself crazy trying to decide between the following:

Zu Omen Def
Zu Soul Superfly
GoldenEar Triton II
Tekton Pendragon
Spatial Hologram M2 Turbo’s
DIY Audio Nirvana Alnico 12’s

I live in Southern WI, so my options for hearing these speakers are very limited. I have demoed the Triton II’s and loved the disappearing act; those things imaged like crazy, I just want to make sure I’m not missing out with any of my other options and they are on the lower end of high sensitivity.

Has anyone heard these types of speakers that can make a comparison between pairs? I’m open to any other recommendations as well.

Thanks in advance for your help.
I have used a Ref 3A De Capos on a variety of tube amps and it sounds great on all of them. Right now i'm using it with a Decware Mini Torii. Good imaging, very reveling, good dynamics even at low volume.

Do some googling and see the reviews users have posted.
Thanks for the resonse Grinnell,

The Ref 3A De Capo has always interested me, how do they fair in the lower registers in your experience?

-"Do some googling and see the reviews users have posted."
I think that's my problem, I've read too many reviews! They all sound remarkable after reading the reviews/forum posts; its hard to definitively say one is better than the other and make up my mind.

I also forgot to mention my budget, max $3000. I've also thrown into the mix:

Omega Super Alnico XRS
Why not Decware speakers?
I'm not a big fan of thumping sub woofers so i think the De Capos do the low pretty well but may not if you listen to organ music.

used they run 1000 to 1500.00 but they have been scare lately
Koenigr -
Big fan of the De Capo's here. In my room (at 11 x 16 with an 8 foot ceiling, smaller than yours) my De Capo's provide very satisfying bass for my listening habits. They're rated down to 42 Hz and the bass is very tuneful and articulate. No need for a subwoofer in my book. And at 8 Ohms and 92 db efficiency, they should mate well with that Decware amp. I've actually considered the Decware 6 watt SE amp for use with my De Capo's.
I have Tekton Lore S's and the Spatial Hologram M2 Turbos (still breaking them in). The M2's are so revealing it's scary. In fact, my tube gear is proving a challenge with them because of hums, hissing, and microphonics that are not heard at all on the lower sensitivity Tektons. Something to consider.
I am currently using De Capo's with a Torii Mk III in a 22' x 24' room. Nice synergy especially running KT66's. I've read many times of people running their DC's with small SET's. I would have to hear that to believe it. In my experience they do benefit from a little juice.
After hearing Audio Nirvana at RMAF, I would recommend them.
I had a Torii paired with Omen Defs and it was a great combo. As Keith recommends the Zu Druids would be an even better match.