Smallest speakers that ROCK

Don't want to deal with back breaking speakers to get the volume, bass, and dynamics required to satisfyingly reproduce rock music. I know this is defying the laws of physics, but has anyone heard a pair of speakers that can be carried one under each arm that can truly ROCK? Can be active or passive, price new or used under $5000. Please no sat/sub systems as I have never heard one that seemed fully integrated soundwise.
Barefoot MM27 HxWxD 20.5 x 9.5 x 15.25 inches are small but can definitely rock. Heavy but compact and will really do justice to a drum set.
Along with the already excellent recommendations, I'd like to throw in offerings from ATC and PMC. Other great options would come from the entire Mark and Daniel product line. They are a little known company whose main focus is building loudspeakers that do exactly what you are looking for. Lastly, there is an even lesser known company down in Australia called Lenehan Audio. They produce a marvelous bookshelf speaker called the ML1 that is worth looking into.

Good luck on the hunt!

Klipsch RB-5's. Pound for pound, you will be hard-pressed to find a more rocking and dynamic bookshelf speaker out there. I demoed a mahogany pair I found on C-list a few weeks ago and was totally blown away. Here is an ad from A-gon classifieds. No affiliation.'s-

I have been using Totem's Mani 2 for the past 6 mos. and these babies rock. Important- they must be properly powered to really open them up, light weights need not apply. I am powering them with a 250 wpc Bryston amp and they have been spectacular with Led Zep, Floyd, Steely Dan, Sabbath, etc. Incredible bass that will have you looking around for where the sub is hidden. They can be finicky to set up but once there they will put a smile on your face. I have the original stands from Totem that are rock solid 4 posters (fillable). You can get a used set with stands for under/around $2500-.

I have also demoed the Green Audio Calisto and was very impressed. They won't make the bass of the Mani2's but are otherwise a magnificent sounding speaker. Not as difficult to drive either. I could easily live with the Calisto, very impressive.
Of course, as with any speaker, room dimensions, treatments, set-up and cabling are half the battle and need to be seriously addressed.
Good luck, zen
von schweikert vr1--mucho slam for the size
acoustic energy ae or evo series--impact like full range floorstanders
qm guru--perhaps the ultimate small r&r speaker
Klipch Rb-5 or if you can find them the Paradiagm Active 20's, those are both Rockin speakers.

Oh yeah, the Dynaudio C1's too.
Try the Usher bookshelf speakers.The 718 be are terrific and the little S-520 rock as well.The AAD 2001(designed by Phil Jones)are exceptional,as are his older Platinum Audio Solo speakers.
I've found that Paradigm Reference Studio 20's can rock pretty hard and the 40's even moreso... I would imagine the Signature series models would do even better.

I am floored every time this type of question comes up. Some of those others there, and in my opinion especially the Dynaudios, are too polite and smooth for Rock. I find Proacs to excel at Rock, are small and attractive.
When I was auditioning speakers I was very impressed by the rock-ocity of the Dali Ikon 6 speakers. I listened to Ushers, Dynaudios, Vienna Acoustics, B&W's, Sonus Fabers and Maggies.
I have a pair of Paradigm Signature S1's in piano black. I have them hooked up to 220 watts per side RMS. I have Synergistic Research biwire Tesla accelerator speaker wire and a S. R Hologram D and a D3 digital RCA to my DVD player. I have played these as loud as my ears can tolerate sitting about 15 feet away in my 23x18 room. These tiny sealed speakers can handle 110 db very cleanly. I am just amazed. Best I have none.........

Regards Bacardi
Lenehan ML-1's from Australia! These are wonderful and worth the wait. Subwoofer like authority and PUNCH, Huge soundstage, custom finishes, and small bookshelf size!
I can also vouch for the Lenehan ML-1s after hearing them at Monarchy Audio during a test session. Mr. Poon had them hooked to a NM24 and two of his SE-100 amps (mono blocks). Playing my jazz test CD (movie sound track from Miles Davis) sounded like the quartet was in front of me. Very impressive speakers with a true clean sound. They're out of my current budget, but I'll be keeping an eye on what Lenehan produces.
Active ATC SCM 10 or Passive ATC SCM 12. Both can be carried under each arm the question is: How much do you benchpress?
Look no further than that used pair of GMA Europas that are posted on the Gon right now. And cheap too.....

acoustic erergy ref 1. had one of the first pairs in the USA and 20 years on my son beats them with a pr of eagle 400 mono blocks even better with the muse sub w/ card. i lite the batten on fire once playin breed at "11"