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Directionality Explained
I put all my cables doggy style.  
best preamp ever - cost is no object
No zombie has compared every preamp ever made. 
Why Does CD Sound So Good?
I have two excellent digital sources, a Cary 303/300 CDP and a PS Audio DirectStream DAC mated with Wyred4Sound Server MS2. Both sources provide superb sound. I wouldn't agree with those who claim that a CDP is better than a server/DAC combo, thou... 
Schiit not that Good?
The one that caught my attention was the Yggy DAC, which looks like a good one at its price point. Not familiar with the other products. 
Seriously considering tube preamp…opinions?
Prima Luna hard to find? I see them for sale second-hand all the time. What is true is that the parties behind PL are extraordinarily talented at dealing the hype. 
Seriously considering tube preamp…opinions?
Dennis Had Inspire preamp. Hand made in the U.S.PL is all hype IMHO. Made in Red China. 
Help- audiophile husband just dies
Condolences on your loss... 
Cary Preamp SLP-94L
Hi richfrank:When you said your preamp is dying, I assumed you meant the caps and resistors are aged. You can get it sounding as good as new or better than new by recapping. Another alternative is this preamp designed and hand-made by Dennis Had h... 
Comparison of latest DAC chips
Yeah, I wouldn't pay much attention to ASR. 
Cary Preamp SLP-94L
I'd avoid ARC like monkey plague. I much prefer Cary.\Why not recap your SLP-94L? 
Tannoy Speaker Owners
Fyne F702  looks interesting. Thnx :) 
Best Value Line Stage Tube Preamps?
Inspire by Dennis HadMODEL LP-3.1 LINE STAGE PREAMPhttps://www.ebay.com/itm/STEREO-TUBE-PREAMPLIFIER-INSPIRE-by-DENNIS-HAD-MODEL-LP-3-1-LINE-STAGE-PREA...This should be a very good preamp if you can live RCAs; and frankly, I don't think one needs ... 
Vandersteen 5a, 15 years old vs. new Vandersteen Quatro Wood (upgrade or downgrade)
No, I doubt it highly. Keep the 5As IMHO. 
Does raising speaker cables off the floor really make a big difference?
I use those white ceramic corn dishes. 
The Modern DAC killed High Resolution Music - has Stereophile proven it?
Yeah, I'm sure glad I didn't buy into hi-rez.