Sensitive enough speakers for low power SET

Based on personal experience, What speakers would you recommend for low power SET like 2A3 and 300B for under $15K ?
I have gone through many sets of speakers for my set amps. I currently have the Zu Audio Presence which are good for a smaller room and use the Avantgarde Duo Omega's in a larger room. Some people don't care for horns though but I love them. There are more facts needed for someone to give you a good recommendation since the room size, what type of music do you listen to and what speakers have you heard before regardless of sensitivity have you liked?
Check out the "Teresonic" website. Also "Sonist", and "Decware".
"Reference 3A" is also a candidate, but not for 2A3 unless in a small room and you like simple music,300B would be fine. The trick is to find not only a sensitive enough speaker, but one with a simple crossover or better yet one with no crossover such as the Teresonic. Also the impedence of the speaker should be smooth and not go too low.I heard the Teresonic's top of the line speaker hooked up to a 2A3 amp and was totally blown away, especially the bass output was incredible! I think that the retail price of that speaker was under $15000.00. I have the Sonist Concerto 2's and I'm running them with about 5 watts in a small room and they will get real loud!
You should be looking at speakers with an SPL rating of 95db- 1watt@1meter or better. Good Luck and have fun!!
Second the Coincident. Several advantages to high efficiency speakers such as ease of load for the amp and oft very good low volume level resolution.

I am not sure about prices in the USA, but the WLM Gran Viola MkII might just fit your budget (unless the exchange rates wreaked havoc). Otherwise look at the Lyra MkII or Aura. These are ingenious speaker systems that can be upgraded (see the "Super-Pac" option) and adjusted to fit just about every room, and ... 97-98 db 1W/1m is standard at WLM.

Besides of WLM, I second Zu (whereby, I only know the less expensive Druid MkIV myself)

Good Luck
I have Zu Definition 2s and have heard Audio Note speakers. Both are SET friendly.
I have Klipschorns (104db) and just got an 807-based SE amp @ 6 watts/channel from a builder in the Chicago area. I'm in a small room, but with 6 watts I could be in a large room and still have plenty power. I had a SE amp with EL84s @ about 2 watts and that was about enough in a small room.

For what it's worth - I made the move to low power / Hi efficiency a couple of months ago and I don't think I'll ever go back to higher power stuff again. This 807 amp / KHorn combo is the best I've ever had in my room by far.
Classic Audio Loudspeakers would be another. They make a Hartsfield reproduction that is about 103db and very wide bandwidth, plus the T-1 and T-3 models (which are available in field coil versions) are about 97 db (98 if field coil) but have bandwidth to the low 20s. They are 16 ohms.
I agree 100% with the coincident suggestion. This speaker line is truly the best buy in audio. Their sound competes with or out does the "best" money can buy designs at a fraction of the price. Every time I go to a show and hear them I'm blown away. They are amazing with tube amps!!!!! I have not had the pleasure to hear them with solid state but a good friend of mine has the pure reference hooked up with the karan kas-450 and said it is just awesome! He was using a cat jl2 signature tube amp and wanted to try solid state out and now he said he is in sonic bliss. My experience has only been with tubes and I can't think of a better all around speaker. I have no affiliation with coincident
I'm running Tonian Lab TL-D1s with my 2.5 watt Korneff 45SE integrated amp. This is a wonderfully musical combination. Very dynamic, with incredible soundstaging. I believe that the TL-D1s go for about $2,200 new, but Tony also makes some very well reviewed Phy based speakers in the $9,000 range. I've never heard them myself. My current system cost a fraction of what I've had in the past, but I've never enjoyed my music more.