McIntosh MA6900 Sensitive to Power Cords? I have

a JPS AC+ cord I will try on it after break in. It's a new unit with the stock power cord connected now. If the JPS does not work out, I have a less expensive Shunyata Diamondback to try. I'm looking to maintain great low end but yet clear up the high end a bit. To me it seems a little veiled on the high end. I am used to a cleaner top end. I know that Mc's are known for a tube type high end that is not greatly extended but I feel I can improve it with the right pc.

Has anyone tried a non-curent limiting conditioner like the Shunyata Hydra? I have a Hydra 4 that I will enventually plug the Mc into. Also how many hours to break in a new 6900?
Sounds like you need more hours of use,but if you insist on trying cords,I would try the VH audio Flavor 4 cords.They work well for me and I a had a similar problem with my old cords....
Two things in particular have veiled the high end of our system: power conditioners and copper IC's.
Don't know if that helps. Good luck.
From what I've read about them you might consider the Nordost Vishnu PC. They appear to add zip and snap to systems though some say they cause some systems to turn bright, but this may be what you are looking for, not the brightness but a bit more openess in the highs.
When I was auditioning an MA6500 I used it with the stock cord first and almost gave up in the first couple of hours. This was a demo unit and well broken in. Constricted, tiny soundstage, tinny sounding, worse than a cheap receiver.

Switched to a VH Audio (it was either 2 or 4, can't remember) and the sound came alive and I bought the amp.
The 6900 would need nearly 300 hours to fully settle down IMO. The bass would be the last to sound right. My 6900 went from being bright - veiled - no bass - sounding really good. Maintain a log if you can. This way you don't have to keep guessing. Good luck & enjoy !
I have a pair of N803 working with my MA6900, both the speakers and the Amp were newly purchased last Summer. I like the sound and is very happy with this combination, I like Jazz, female vocal, and classical. The MA6900+N803 gives good details in all range and good enough bass, the high is outstanding. I am using Silver interconnect and Silver alloy Power cord to add speed and details to the system. One of my HiFi friend had a recent audition on my system, and he said my N803 still need more time to break-in, and he expect the bass will be even better when the time come. However, he agrees that this is above average sound that I can get with this budget. By the way, I am using a Marantz SACD player as source, am thinking to add a DAC for CD listening for the next upgrade, any comment?
Hello: I'm not familiar with B&W speakers. I'm currently using Def Tech BP7002's and a Simaudio Nova cdp with my 6900. I will probably purchase the Ohm Walsh 100mk2 or 200mk2 speakers for a home trial soon since I am not satisfied with the bass on my current speaks. IMHO you will definitely want to upgrade your source which would seem to be your weak link just as the back end seems to be my weak link. I still don't think I've heard the full potential of my 6900 yet. And, I think you may be experiencing that too. For me, my weak link may be the back end for you maybe the front end.