Selling on Agon question

Hi, I have an ad out, and someone with no feedback, from Mexico City, has expressed interest.

I am slightly wary, are there precautions I could take to ensure I don't get burned?

I was thinking:

-Insist on bank check/money order, wait for funds to clear before shipping.

-Ship UPS and choose the option to have the buyer have to sign for the item

Does that cover me?

I am wary of accepting paypal for this transaction as disputes usually go to the buyer, and this person could claim the item was damaged and ask for money back or something like that.

Any thoughts based on your experience would be much appreciated.

Do yourself a favor and let the buyer know that you'll only ship after a check or m.o. has cleared due to customs and shipping outside the US. You are right that paypal will side up with the buyer since the buyer may have a CC tied to the paypal account. The CC co. makes the final decision not paypal, so it may be better to lose out on a sale rather than take a chance. Even if a buyer signs for an item, they can dent it and claim the item was not significantly described. Good luck either way and I hope the transaction will work for the both of you.
Insist on a wire transfer - safe and very efficient - and you are in control. When ever I ship out of the country it is the only way I do business.

Don't let the issue of no Feedback hinder the sale - you too once had no feedback. If the guy is for real the $ will show up in you account - then just ship in a verifiable way with tracking and the deal is done.

Best of luck

I bet that is the same guy I had, next he will want your fone # to talk you down on the price I bet.
I would also insist on shipping with a tracking number or have it in writing that the buyer accepts any risk that comes with shipping without tracking and insurance.
Forrget ANY check or money order. use only a bank transfer.
The seller sends the money directly to your account. NO possible grab back for him.
If he really wants the item, he will go for a bank transfer.
If he is a crook trying to steal your item, he will never allow a bank transfer. he will want a check, or some other form he can get back later on.

My first bank transfer was from a fellow in Germany, who wanted my item. I was: 'no way', but his offer to use a bank transfer gave me the confidence to follow through.
Do not reveal account information. Ask your bank to give a token or control number for wire transfer.
Marakanetz - by submitting your account information required for a wire transfer you do not really reveal anything that is not already printed on checks you presumably hand out to a lot of folks anyway - its the safest way to conduct business as a seller.

Best of Luck

Also, money orders can bounce weeks after they "clear" your bank. Then the bank comes after you for the money. Money orders (and cashiers checks) cannot be trusted unless you want to wait like 90 days. You are not protected by a "cleared" money order or cashiers check.
You don't cash MO's aat your bank. Go to a post office.
You can only Cash Money orders at the post office if the money order is an official United States Postal Service money order, which you can only buy at the post office.

If I sell something or buy something it the only form of payment, other than cash, that I prefer to use.

I don't believe the post office will cash just any Money Order.
If accepting checks, wait for it to clear both banks. Insist on insurance and tracking number.
Agreed, ONLY a wire transfer.

Also, forget UPS. UPS is a nightmare to deal with when you try to send or receive a package across the border. I've had packages get hung up for days, weeks, and even months. In addition, you'll take a bath for the fees, which will continue to trickle in for months and months.

Go with FedEX, they're much more straightforward to deal with. If the item's small enough, the Postal Service represents another option.

Both FedEX and USPS will treat you better than UPS if there's damage to the package in transit.
I believe you are also safe if the buyer sends payment via Paypal as a personal payment, for which there are no fees within the US and half a percent for international payments.

For shipping, Fedex now quotes prices including customs brokerage fees, which are reasonable and can save buyers surprises on the receiving end. Note, the service includes the brokerage fees, not government duties and taxes which are usually paid after shipping on the receiving end before or at delivery/pickup.

One last thing: I place no faith in the PPal Buyers Protection Plan. I had to initiate two claims, one for an amp that was never shipped (as verified by the seller), and one for an amp that was not functional on delivery, and Paypal was useless in spite of ample documentation. If the seller drains their PP account, PP can't do a thing for you. Fortunately I paid with a credit card.
Unfortunately, since it's a cross border transaction, the buyer is unlikely to be able to get a USPS money order. Wire transfer is the way to go. If it can go USPS, you may wait an eon or two to get paid if there is a claim, but you WILL get paid. However USPS only insures up to $700, at least that was the limit when I sent something to Canada several years ago.
I was just talking about purchasing a money order, not shipping.

We all know each shipping company can and has damaged audio gear while in transit, however I would never, and I mean NEVER use the Post Office to ship anything that is fragile. I would ship cables, or books, or DVDs etc, but never would I send a piece of audio gear. I used to work at the Main Postal center in the town I live in and after seeing how they sort parcels you would not ship anything but mail. Note, I have also been in multiple UPS sort facilities, and they have their own issues but it nothing compared to what I saw at the post office. Never been in FedEx.
My personal feeling on this subject is avoid international transactions altogether unless you're prepared for all the potential hassles.
BTW: I have cashed Canada Post money orders drawn in $US at USPS.

I stand corrected concerning the USPS money order.

I try to learn something new everyday.
I've sold several pieces into the Asian market. I would require the buyer to do a wire transfer and if he does not want to set up the shipping himself be sure to get tracking info, way-bill numbers, etc. and require a signature at delivery and notification of delivery.
Sounds complicated, but actually pretty simple and safe. Everyone is protected and happy!
I started a new job 5 years ago and since then have not been active with audio and not on Audiogon. Previously I purchased and sold on Audiogon but downsized my use of audio and have a closet full of gear to sell - AES, Conrad Johnson, Naim, etc. Looking at the Audiogon listing there appears to be much less for sale compared to 5 years ago. Any ideas why the volume seems to be down.