Sandy's Impact on your Listening

How did Sandy impact your listening? For me, days without power provided a sense of value for my music listening.
since you can't listen without ac, unless you are fortunate to own battery operated components, i assume that your question has a deeper meaning.

perhaps you may be asking if your desire to listen to music has been diminished, after a number of days of its absence.

my sense of interruptions in activities is that after a period of time, what was important, becomes less important, or the opposite could occur.

in either case it is likely that priorities will change.

after all certain necessities are more important than listening to music, and certainly "computing" activities, and aesthetic pursuits.
No power here from mid-day Monday until noon today (Sunday). Time was spent keeping the wood stove fed, cleaning debris in the neighborhood, and going to work. Power there, so we let people charge up their phones, notebooks and iPods. Also discovered reading for pleasure again and the benefits of going to sleep early every night.
Lost my listening room due to the storm surge, and may not be able to rebuild it. :-(
Lost power for a whole week. I can do without the lights or the stereo, but having a well means no water during such occurrences. That's a tough row to hoe. Still, what I faced was nothing compared to some who live in NJ and NY.
Like Trelja, No power for 7 days.
We did have water but cold showers are no fun.
And now the Nor'easter.
So many are still without power on day 10.Others have lost their homes and the most unfortunate lost their lives.
My music can wait,helping others get there life back takes precedent
We lost power here in Shelton CT from Monday until late Friday afternoon ... I was lucky enough to get a room at the Hampton Inn for 3 days and four nights so I could take hot showers and watch some TV in the interim

When the power came back on Friday evening I noticed all the street lights traffic lights and store signs were shinning much brighter apparently due to all the new transformers, cabling, and fresh connections

My stereo is off line until after the holidays but the colors on my plasma has a lot more pop and vividness

Then yesterday we were hit with the Northeaster ... got 8 inches of snow and my wife Gloria was staring through the kitchen window for over 4 hours straight ... finally I decided with conditions worsening ... I better let her back in the house (;-)
Rodge,Im sorry to hear about your listening room,hope you and your family are
My brother in law had his basement flooded despite putting in a battery backup for his sump pump hours earlier (it did not have time to charge fully before the power went out). That was a bummer.

My sister in BErgen County NJ had a 75 foot tree fall and luckily just miss her house but take out her garage, fence, and son's car.

My work closed for two days unscheduled for the first time in my 16 years there. Ironically, I was able to carve out some of that time to listen to music instead of being at work. I felt a little guilty about that knowing what was going on for others elsewhere.

I read that East River NYC flooding came up to the door of the OHM Acoustics facility in Brooklyn, but they managed to come out undamaged. That might have affected my listening at some point down the road FWIW.
Just got my power back, but being without a stereo for a week I'm now picking out albums i wouldn't have listened too a week ago.
Decided that this is likely to be "the new normal" weather wise in the Northeast. I have ordered a 20Kw generator w/ a 200 amp transfer switch that runs on NG.

This will give us functionality during outages, but I may set it up to be the source of power to my listening room all the time.
Still no power for me after 10 days, it's getting pretty cold in the house. No real damage to the house, thankfully, and I am a lot luckier than those who have lost everything, so I'm not complaining. While I miss my system, fortunately there's plenty of live music to hear in the area, and I have found that listening to WQXR on my car radio (I have a 50 minute or so commute each way) has been more musically satisfying than usual.

Slipknot, I had priced out and was set to get an NG whole-house generator this past summer, but my wife said no because the only place we could put it might create too much noise for the neighbors. She has refrained from complaining about the cold as a result.
Hi Russ-
Sorry to hear that you guys are still out. Parts of our area got hit worse than others. Hope you get power back soon.

The Generac standby unit I am getting "claims" only 66db running at full tilt, or about what an A/C compressor running sounds like. I am planning on installing it next to my A/C unit, as that is where the NG line enters the house too. Downside is, that it is right outside the listening room.
Praying for all of you in NY and NJ

Living in the New Orleans area I know all too well the pains you are all going through. It must be hell without heat, in the summer no a.c. Was quite a struggle

Rodge, so sorry to hear of your big loss, may God comfort you at this time.

My friend lost his whole system and 16,000 records in Katrina

Hang on everyone.
I still have no power in the Northern Stony Point area of Rockland County NY. I had 3 huge thick trees fall on my lines, which ripped all the wires off of my house. I had no house damage, but I'm consulting an arborist real soon. I'm taking some trees down before they get me. Friends in my old neighborhood on the south shore of Long Island (Babylon) have houses partially gutted and washed into the canals. Actually, a couple of houses burnt to the ground while everybody watched, because the fire trucks couldn't make it though the water. Another neighbor had oil tanks floating around the crawl space, leaking oil into the water and the dirt. And not to mention parts of the Rockaways and Long Beach, NY. Total war zone all around. And then we get this stupid Nor'easter to sucker punch us. I was up all night waiting for another tree to fall. My wife works at 3 Broadway, NYC, near Wall Street. that portion of lower Manhattan near Battery park was under 6 feet of water. Her building was flooded, it's full of toxic sludge and she's been displaced to some cold place in Brooklyn with just a cell phone and a pencil.

Impact my listening? I don't think I could enjoy a listening session at the moment, even when my power comes back up. At least not for a while.

Be safe everyone.
Wont listen for 6 months Dude!!