Replacing from Hurricane Sandy

So I'm to the point where I am replacing my gear from the hurricane. I've been a Rotel,B&W user for the last 15 or so years. I had the RSP-1570 with an older RMB-985 amp. I was using a Pioneer Elite 1st gen bluray player. My speakers which survived are pair of CDM2 w a CC6 center. I had a asw600 sub. I just bought the Samsung 6500series 65" 3d HDTV.

So, I'm open to suggestions on replacements and recommendations.


Hello Keith,Sorry to hear about your lose from Sandy.
Good Day Keith,

my condolences to your situation. I did the exact thing post Hurricane Katrina. On the bright side, you have an opportunity to get different/better gear if you wish.
Keep us posted.
Hi Keith,

Outlaw Audio has a very good prepro (975) and matching amps that are reasonably priced. I'm using the Samsung BD-E6500 for 3D Blu-Ray player which will mate well with your Sammy HDTV. If your budget can go higher the Oppo 103 for $500.00 is an exceptional piece. SVS subs are some of the best, and there are many types to fit your system and budget. Also get a Dspeaker 8033c to go with whichever sub you decide to purchase. I have one on my SVS 2039pc+ and my bass has greatly improved with tighter, deeper, and more tuneful sound.
I lost my 2 channel listening room to Sandy, and was fortunate to have taken my system out of the room before the water came in.
If you could please post a list of your needs, and a budget to work with, will help a lot on recommendations.

Good luck :-)
My needs are


I'm looking @ the new rotel rsp-1572 for the processor and rmb-1565 amp since I've been a fan. Also the asw610 since the rotel/b&w matching.

My center is the b&w cc6 & fronts are b&w cdm2, surrounds are Niles iC7FX.

I research some of your suggestions. I figure my total budget for the 4 pieces would top out about $4-5k
If you have 4k-5k to spend, then I'd suggest tying to get a killer, used sub for around $1,500. Revel, JL Fathom, B&W, Paradigm, SVS among many good ones out there.

For an amp, Emotiva gear is getting really good reviews for the money. So like Rotel, they are considered a great value. 'You can get a 5 or 7 channel amp with plenty of power for under $1,000.

For Bluray, if you want the best out there and you don't need analog out, then go for the Oppo BDP-103 for around $500. If you want to save a few hundred, then go with a Panasonic or Samsung Bluray for $150 or so.

For a pre-pro, you can try Emotiva in-house and see how you like it with no obligation. You can also go for a used Integra 80.2 or 80.3. The video card is the only difference there. Brand new the Integra is right around $2,500 or so I believe. Used is much cheaper.

If you want less expensive, the Marantz pre-pro has gotten simply excellent reviews.

I think with the pre-pro it will come down to a choice of EQ options. I'm a big fan of EQ. It works and works very well in the bass regions. The Rotel doesn't offer it on their pre-pros so I'm hesitant to recommend a new Rotel for you.
The emotiva stuff looks interesting. When you've been a loyalist for 15-20yrs its so hard to overcome a bias. I guess I need to be open minded. I'm going to call them tomorrow to chat. My speakers are all small but I have that aversion to an amp less than 100w per channel. They go 80x5. 200x5 seems like overkill, but then again I may upgrade the speakers one day.

The Oppo will end up being the bluray.
As far as sub. I'm 16x20' room. Im firing from the back left corner going down the 20. Room has a fairly large sectional w a 10x12 area rug wood floor.
Here are a few choices:

Outlaw Audio 975 prepro + 7125 amp (125w pch)... $1398.00
Oppo 103 Blu-ray....................................$ 500.00
SVS PB12 Plus.......................................$1400.00
Dspeaker Antimode 8033c.............................$ 400.00

Add in some for shipping and you will come in around or under 4k. Use the other 1k for the Rodge827 Listening Room Rebuilding Fund :-)

I'm in S.Jersey if you want to check out some of this stuff to see how it works drop me a note at rodge827 at comcast dot net
I uses Revel B15 sub in a room far larger than yours and it is amazing. You can optionally consider 2 subs but it may kill your budget.

I have a Lexicon running my main HT setup but I use an Emotiva x-100a mini for my zone 2 and zone 3.

Kal in stereophile gave the larger Emotivas a spin in his Stereophile column and they were well reviewed. Just a suggestion since you have a free in home.
Ordered the Oppo and bought a b&w asw610 from a member. I had good experiences w my 600 in the room so I stuck w it. I'm leaning towards the Emotiva, but the back order may put me into almost April.
I'd second the Outlaw amp suggestion. I had an Emotiva XPA series amp, and had a sibilance issue with some cds. I've heard that B&W speakers can be more forward than laid back and with my Paradigm Sig 6 it was the same. I do have an Outlaw 7125 as well and I prefer it to the Emotiva house sound.