Storm Sandy - best wishes

I live in CT. Have stock piled water, batteries, lantern oil, gas for the generator, have secured items in my yard. Here's hoping the storm will not be as bad as they predict. Some local gas stations have already run out of gas. Walmart in my town no longer has bottled water. Folks driving around town seem to be in a hurry.
I will stay home and listen to some music and/or watch football. Good luck to all, especially those by the shore line.
I live in California, but I am also praying for those in Sandy's path. My sister lives on the Cape, about 14' above sea level, and maybe a half mile inland.
In South Jersey, batteries, water, no generator, but not in a flood zone. Formulating a audio evacuation plan just in case. Get the vinyl out first!
I live up in Rochester NY which is a good 4 1/2 - 5 hours from the coast and they're even telling is to prepare for wide spread power outages and heavy rains with flooding. This storm is huge. I bought one of the last generators at Lowes. If I lose power in heavy rains my basement will flood without the sump pump. Best wishes to all. Be safe and don't try and travel.
I live just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, about 70 miles west of Long Beach Island. We have a bullseye painted on us, as it looks like the storm will be on us full steam by about this time Monday night. We have been told to expect a sustained period of time of winds in excess of 80 mph, and rainfall amounts of 8-10 inches, as well as the possibility of a long period of time without electricity. It's a little breezy out as of this writing (9:30 pm Sunday), with light rain. Stay close to home and be safe everyone....
Good luck to you all. I feel for you
Even with a good sump pump my basement got inundated with water once from heavy rains x3 days when I lived in New York Lower Hudson Valley. Crossing my fingers everyone back east will be OK. Please be very cautious anywhere near downed power lines!
Hey, these events have a plus side, they produce a lot of babies.

Consider one of these:

Expensive, but worth it. Never needs batteries or fiddling with. If the municipal water supply goes out, we all have bigger problems!
Welcome to my world !!!!!
Be safe to all in the path. It is a tragedy indeed to have time off work and no electricity to listen to music. But be safe and prepared.
Been a funny day so far in central CT; mostly misty drizzle w moderate wind gusting to about 30. Drizzle really stings when rain driven but not much accumulation. Wind has picked up quite a bit in the last hour, gusting to about 40 or 45 and we lost a big limb off of a pin oak, luckily nothing in its path cause green oak limbs are v heavy. Power so far holding up; we lost it for 9 days in my town exactly one year ago. Gradual increasing wind has taken many of the leaves off, which was a big part of the problem last year as they provided lots of area for snow accumulation and wind to blow against.
Here in Boston, we have had about a inch of rain as of 6PM and a few hours of stiff wind.

Fair number of trees down in the neighborhood, and power is out here and there, really just block by block around here.

I lost 1/2 a tree and had had a small roof leak, but no water in the basement.

On the plus side, all the leaves are gone from my lawn and we are now net leaf donors in the 2012 Great Leaf Swap.

Palasr. Thanks to the info. That's a small price to pay to keep the basement dry.