Sandy Gross is retiring.

Great guy!  I wish him well in his new life ventures!
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May he truly enjoy retirement!
He is not retiring. He is taking a vacation with all the money he just made. Probably in the Millions. Good for him. It is the American way.
He is retiring. Well earned and best of luck to him.  
@mijostyn,  do I detect a bit of sarcasm or am I missing something?
More like substituting misplaced patriotism for the real thing. 
Everyone, everywhere wants to live like this, and would, given the opportunity and a level playing field. Hats off to Sandy and may he truly enjoy his retirement.

All the best,Nonoise
He was the president and designer of Golden Ear Speakers.

And of Definitive Technology.
But never on 'Fresh Air'.
RIP Albert von Schweikert  March 13, 1945 - May 29, 2020
Stereo5, no sarcasm at all. You create a good company making a good product so that hopefully someone will come along and offer you a lot of money for it. Creative people can't sit still he'll be into something else in short order.

My apologies, I misunderstood your post.  He most likely will show up again in a few years.