RIP Jillian Johnson The Figs

such a loss... my hometown lost a brilliant light, snuffed out by a maniac.

RIP Jillian.
All the time maniac, alleged gunman, but always no idea who where and how. Definitely I'm not the one, but I have toys with loud noise. Not too many, but won't give them up away NEVER.
The repetitive events are so similar in different places so that it seems it's done by one large mob. It's 3-letter agencies that will benefit when our guns will be taken away. Not mine tho... not till my heart beats. I'm cleaning and kissing my Walthers and my Saiga daily and will be able to take a stand with militia of my home state to protect my rights and rights of my children...
Sorry for her loss, but I fear it was a setup and she was a very unwanted victim of dirty political games.
I have no problem with guns, but that was a really silly response.
Dood FBI set up things and frame people. You may be next or me. They don't follow constitution and act outside of any possible laws. They're high voltage danger to anyone ever encounter any types of conversation that starts with "Do you know anybody..." Fear you can be framed, arrested or simply killed(maybe by some maniac reported by media LOL). After THAT they can go after your relatives. Read about GeStaPo tactics that actually had been developed by FBI. If you're not savvy enough to realize it, you're I guess in good relationship with mass media which I'm not.
For me personally, FBI should not exist as an organization and should be completely de-commissioned as obsolete and unfunctional.
Isn't that just like a paranoid? Everything is about them.
I won't even criticize your weird writing style, because I don't know what country you come from, although it's apparent English is not your first language.
All I will say is maybe you should relax a bit, and stop worrying about the double agent around-the-corner. I also think you'd have more fun kissing people than your guns.
That's right I'm foreigner, and I've seen this mess before. Same pattern, same math and same structure. I recognize and I alarm. You don't.
You need to study the history of the US. There are isolated incidents of government intervention that are cause for alarm, but no one is trying to take your guns away. Quit acting like a fool. Or move to Texas, you'll be in good company. We've got plenty just like you who think that a US Army exercise is a masquerade for a scheme to take away citizens' guns. Unbelievable.
From "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield, January 1967:

"There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware"

"Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
You step out of line, the men come take you away"

There's medicine for it now.
I know there's a medicine for everything you can think of...
I'm not only speaking or worrying about guns. I'm speaking of constant fake that's always part of political games that constantly takes away innocent lives one after another for reason or no reason. The pattern of all these 'madman' shootings is the same...
I've studied US history and that's exactly what's being repeated. Japanese internment camp detainees were not allowed to pick up their guns... Think about it. You've said that Government did not take away guns, but there's a cliche...
I do believe that US Army exercise is to 'control' urban areas of Iran when invaded. I do believe that if it happens, next can as well be us who resist to these criminal crusades.
It's not guns I'm worried about -- it's increased frequency of 'madman' shootings that becomes too obvious and other dirty games of 3-letter agencies...
On day I'll celebrate if I see FBI officials on the bench of defendants for murders and crimes just like the World saw GeStaPo, SS and other 3rd Reich players in Nuremberg.
Czarivey your the real danger. I personally don't want you or anyone like you protecting me, my family or our freedom. You are the likely ones to try and take it away. In fact for many you and your kind already have.
I'm just say'in ✌️
Bingo! I figured! If FBI frames somebody from time to time
it's not to frequent, but happens. As long as it's not you,
nothing to worry about right?
If the USA is so bad, why don't you live elsewhere?

1. USA isn't so bad, but hungry of liberalism and justice and needs cure. It grew into the level of Nazi Germany of 1937 with total government control and total law enforcement power. I stay friends with ones who won't give up -- you can stay wherever you are -- fine.

2. I hear different things on different languages to make a judgement do you or English is the only language American should speak and listen to? It seems that despite we're close to Spanish and French speaking population, barely any public school offers program on at least one foreign language since 3d..4th grade.

3. Few evident and proven instances of FBI and police set-ups enough for me to form the judgment on most of alleged shooter 'CNN, CNBC, Fox and other government owned TV news shows'. The do have a purpose of inflicting fear of 'madman with gun' and so firearm control in certain targeted areas the number of which is gradually growing.
What was started out as a tribute/memorial to an artist has been hijacked for someone's incoherent political rantings. I see no relevancy of anything Czarivey has stated to the original post. I find this behavior incredibly crass. At a minimum Czarivey owes the OP an apology.
Sorry Vinyldisk for driving topic to truth,
but seriously I'm neither paranoid or silly unlike some posters here who also owe apology
Czarivey, if you look at the long-term history of the FBI, it has harassed members of the left far more than the right. We get it, but we don't think buying more guns is the answer. And we're not silly or paranoid. You saying "I'm not, but you are" is childish and goes against the evidence.
08-04-15: Tostadosunidos
Czarivey, if you look at the long-term history of the FBI, it has harassed members of the left far more than the right

What difference does it make who FBI harass(es/ed) and what history written by hell knows who has to do with that? For what reason Tostadosunidos is all over sudden plural? One person can't be plural unless... Hey who's silly after all all?

Yet, I see no denial here about crimes once in a while committed by government for their own 'dark' interests!
Moreover, stating that possibly crime was created with direct or indirect presence of law enforcement due to increased frequency of similar events across the nation. It's like out of number of written notes, you can recognize handwriting done by same person. Even mass media delivers these reports in exactly same format and mimics -- YAK!

I also haven't mentioned about 'buying more guns', but actually mentioned about resisting criminal actions of law enforcement that now becomes casual dairy. What it has to do with paranoia, probably silly one can find the answer.
Czarivey, sorry if I put words in your mouth--I needed to go back and re-read all that had been said.
My "user name" hasn't changed in all the years I've been on A-gon. It's not suddenly plural. Yes, it is a silly moniker, intentionally so. Lighten up.
Going back to the top, even given the govt. involvement in certain events over the years, it seems wrong to automatically associate the govt. with a given event without some sort of "smoking gun" associated with the particular incident. Do you have evidence indicating govt. involvement in the Lafayette theater shooting?
No you've said "WE". LMAO!!! Why??? Who is "WE" or WE isn't plural?
I have no evidence, but similar case happened with me personally when feds busted our poker game. They 'confiscated' at gun point our bank of more than $9,000 in cash 'politely' asking if anyone knows the safe code in exchange for 8 lives and arrested us for illegal gambling in 2011.

If anyone of us would resist, than you would've probably heard the news saying that 'madman' shot to death poker players...

I use patterns to form my judgement that very often (as mentioned before) these cases are set up on purpose by law enforcement to mask real facts what actually happened. This way I express absolute 100% distrust to news AND law enforcement of ANY kind especially FBI. Also by all possible means void any kind of contact with them and never talk with them directly without presence of attorney.
Well that explains a lot. You were actually caught committing a criminal act, so now all law enforcement is corrupt. Makes perfect sense.
Roxy, if you really believe so, than everything was and is as I thought. Do you know difference between ALEGATION and CHARGES? It seems that you really don't in front of the foreigner. Whatta shame!
The last murder of a rocker I heard about was quite a while back: After their heyday in the 80's, one of the two members of Los Angeles' House Of Freaks moved back to N. Carolina, bought a house, and had a couple of kids with his wife. One day a couple of guys did a home invasion of the family, tying them up in the basement and slitting all their throats, then robbing the house.

These murders also had no FBI involvement, of course.
It's all too silly, never mind. Back to Jillian Johnson.
...and now... finaly... THE EVIDENCE...
THE EVIDENCE OF law enforcement setup ...
Aleged is fataly SHOT! POPOOOH! Just like in many prior cases! Why wait execution in supermax and pay taxes for prisoner? Shoot him and kill him POPOOHH! That's justice! That's justice ya'll want and like and adore and that's what you want to believe in someone's brain and gun instead of your own. So be it. You're all sentenced to live in this imaginary world of lie and everything else for ya will seem to be silly.
Yes Roxy, Stick to what you know good. This way you won't look silly or naive.
The woman that was killed was a far better human being than some of you will ever be.
Are we on another planet here?
Human being with talent is almost always better than the one without. Talent signifies presence of good brain and intelligence. Big name, big talent, some jerk with firearm, but who he is? Why he was found SO FAST? Where's the REAL WORLD after all? Not sure which planet we are, but it doesn't seem real and it doesn't seem matching to what's written and learned.

The woman who lost her life was a wonderful person. Some of you, not so much. Try not to be a douchebag your entire life.

The assholes won't realize who I'm referring to. Got it.

Vinyldisc, as the OP, you made everything crystal clear at the beginning; Jillian Johnson was a wonderful person, and a very tragic loss to her community, her Bio confirms that; but could you expand your last post, and be more specific.