Ribbon Tweeters???

I am considering ordering a pair of speakers that use Ribbon Tweeters(HiVi I believe)& was wondering what you folks could tell me about what to expect to hear from them as far as tone,imaging & soundstaging etc...when compared to a good Silk Dome(Dynaudio).Thanks much,Take care...
Not familiar with the ribbons you are talking about but the ribbons on my Maggies are the most beautiful tweeters I have ever heard. I think good ribbon tweeters are certainly as good and many times they are better than the best dome tweeters.
Ribbon tweeters, generally, sound airy, delicate, smooth (meaning NOT edgy), more like real music. I wish my speakers had 'em...but I'm working on that. :-)
Do you know speaker model or hivi model? I use the rt2 pro its a good design for the cost. Some of the more affordable Hi vi model's can be a bit edgy to my ears.
Hey JohnK,speakers are the new Decware DM945's.Sorry but I don't know the exact tweeter model.Thanks for your replies..
I agree wholeheartedly with the above comments. My previous Dynaudio speakers were very good indeed. The current speaker uses a bi-fold ribbon tweeter ala Magico. Extends up to 57kHz. Sweet, Fast, Articulate and Natural are all adjectives that describe what they can do. Pick a manufacturer that you trust. Try to see whose tweeter they are using and reasearch that.
The cheapest HI VI they make.
I heard the Hi Vi ribbon tweeter on the Reimer Wind River GS speakers. That ribbon tweeter sounded smooth and silky.
I dont know the model number of the Hi Vi ribbon tweeter used on the Wind River.
Hey JohnK,thanks for checking in on this.I take it then these speakers may NOT be all the makers say they are?
Decware makes very good products at very affordable prices. I myself am looking seriously at acquiring a pair of their omni speakers.

For $895 you're getting a very efficient speaker that goes down to 42Hz, and can produce 112db SPL. Not sure what more you would expect for that kind of money.
The Hi Vi ribbon tweeters on the Lawrence audio mandolin speakers, anyone know the model number of this Hi Vi ribbon tweeter. Here's a pic http://www.lawrenceaudio.com/Eng_product_Mandolin.asp
Doug99,a little digging on the net & I find the model of that tweeter is the "RT2E-A".Side bar:OMFG!!!Those Lawrence Audio Mandolin's are FREAKING AMAZING!!!
The Lawrence Audio Violins look amazing.
The Mandolin uses a HiVi RT2EA. This driver has a 6db peak between 5k to 10k, goes out to the heavens on the top end on axis after that. 30% off axis, it is very flat to 10K,but rolls @ 18db per octave after 10k. . This speaker will most likely need some distance between them with a 10 to 20 degree tow to sound their best Or with a properly designed notch filter, on axis would be prefered. I've not used this part, but I've used HiVi drivers, overall nice goods. Like any part how it is crossed and compensated is everything. Great Potential.
I had a Coincident model with a ribbon tweeter. Really liked it and in some ways miss the airy 3d sound they put forth. They appeared to me to cover a larger frequency range them a dome tweeter IMO

Normally speaking, most ribbons are no different from traditional drivers in that the larger the driver the lower the resonance and Larger ribbons can be crossed lower. Many still need to be crossed higher than their dome counterparts. They are very different on how they read on impedance sweeps (ribbons are more linear)and most ribbons have peaks to deal with. When done right, Good ribbons are fast and very smooth without losing detail. You can argue from model to model, but many still have the beamy syndrome, but this has improved and continues to improve with different models every year. Also understand, every thing stated above is in general, there are exceptions.
Timlub,Can you explain what you mean by "beamy"syndrome?Thanks to all for your replies.
Montejay, do you remember which Coincident speakers you had? Coincident also uses the Hi Vi ribbon tweeter?
I had a pair of LSA1 Statements for a time. They use an Aurum Cantus ribbon tweeter, I believe. The highs were sweet and airy, very nice!

One of the raps on ribbon tweeters, in the past, has been that they are difficult to integrate seamlessly with a cone mid-woofer -- two different technologies, etc. But I have to say that while the LSA's weren't ultimately my "forever" speakers, I never heard any glaring discontinuities between drivers. I liked them quite a bit.
Beamy meaning very limited dispersion pattern.
Hi Doug
I had the Super Victory just prior to my current Coincident model that uses a ceramic tweeter. I believe it uses the same ribbon as the Total Victory and the Total Reference series.
The Super Victory is just an outstanding speaker especially paired up with my 300b set.

What Timlub says is correct about this driver. When properly executed on the crossover side it is very nice sounding piece.