Requesting upgrade advice

Hi All,

I work from home and listen to LPs 100% of the time ~ 8 hours per day. Keeps me from sitting in my chair to long getting up to change records.

Ready for an upgrade and was thinking to upgrade to Audio Research Ref 6 preamp.

Wanted to hear from others about my next steps for upgrade. 

System below;

Audio Research LS26

Audio Research PH8

Cary CAD 211M driving Tyler Acoustics D10s with transparent music wave Ultra cables

Lamm M1.1 driving Wilson Sophia with Harmonic Tech pro-9 cables

Snake River Audio interconnects and power cables

Dedicated AC line  10 AWG

Rega P8 with Apheta 3 cartridge

Rothwell MCX trans

Monster power HTS5100 for convenience and some surge protection

Thanks for any advice 


Great system!

Are you wanting to upgrade for better sound, or just have the itch for some different gear?

What about the room? Any acoustic treatment?

As your only source is vinyl that could be more logical to upgrade first not the preamp. Going to P10 would be a worthwhile step upwards.


Thank you.

Looking for better sound.

I have textured walls to help with the flat surfaces, windows covered with wooden shades and lots of pictures.  I added a shelf around the top corner of the room and hung my beer can collection from the 80s.  All these additions helped a great deal and got the ideas from Audiogon forum.  

The floor is carper over wood on 2nd floor.  Wilsons have spikes and Tylers are on the carpet.  Was thinking about spikes on Tylers with wood or rock plate under them.  

Was wondering if REF 6 will make a difference over LS26?  

My biggest upgrade was adding in the 2nd speakers, really opened up the sound.


Would you consider something different to keep in rotation?  Maybe a CJ preamp?

How is the turntable isolated- a HRS platform was really impactful in my space. 

erik_squires I would consider a CJ preamp.  Probably be warmer but would it have the detail of the ACR?  I would need to try in my system.   I do see how the Audio Research REF 6 would sound similar to what I have.  

What CJ preamp do you recommend?  

Overthemoon I will look at a HRS platform, used maybe worth a try and if not can resell.  

My Tyler speakers are the older model D10s (6'2" tall and 200lbs with 4 10' woofers each)

thanks for the replies.  

If you listen to vinyl 100% of the time, you might want to consider upgrading the phonostage. The ARC Reference Series phonostages have balanced (XLR) output which makes a significant difference.


tough call between going to ref10 phono stage vs the ref 6 linestage

hard to know which will make more of a difference, though just a guess, knowing the arc stuff pretty well, the ls26 to ref 6 move may yield more of a step change (more transparency, snap and speed) ... i think it really depends how well your ph8 is mating with your current cartridge

good luck, your system is already quite excellent, as others have already noted