Requesting advice on preamp to buy

I need to replace a McIntosh C26 preamp. Since the application is ONLY for music played from a fairly good sound card in a workstation computer the replacement does NOT need to be an esoteric high cost elaborate item. In fact, I am getting along semi well now without the preamp at all. I am doing this by sending the computer signal to a Behringer DEQ2496, then to a Behringer DCX2496 then to McIntosh amps. What I would like to have is a solid state, used is ok, preamp that has, ideally, RCA, XLR and optical inputs, volume, tone controls and balance and a selector with perhaps 4 inputs. Is there anything out there that rings a bell with anyone that would fill this need? I KNOW that this is a "high end" oriented site, but my application is not that particular. I am not lucky enough to have great hearing in upper ranges. I hope to get some suggestions or even items available. Len in Colorado
If you want a preamp with optical input, then the preamp must also have a DAC. That narrows the field considerably and ups the price somewhat.
Runnin is right, whats your budget op?
Since he's asking for suggestions, I've got my eye on the Parasound P5, which has all of his requirements and is slated for a fall release, priced about 950.
Why not another used McIntosh?