Red Rose Tube Amp repair in Seattle area

I have a friend with a pair of Red Rose Model One tube amps. Below is a link to an expired listing. Red Rose is no longer in business. I already contacted the listing party for a suggestion, with no luck, so I am asking for a referral to a tech who may be able to repair this, hopefully located in the Seattle area. 

Thanks for reading and any possible suggestions

Jim Perry
try randy at audio elite technician near gig harbor

he is excellent, works on high end ss and tube amps
Randy is excellent but i believe only works on Mac and one other brand. verify this. he keeps my heirloom vintage MC gear from 1961 in tip top shape.

the tech at Gig Harbor audio, George is hyper competent also

good luck

Any good tech should be able to handle the repair. They're not exotic, just straightforward Chinese tube amps.
It's been about ten years ago but Audio Connection in the U District in Seattle did a great job at a very reasonable price with a recap and other work on my Cary Sli-80 amp.

you may be right... randy fixed a primare amp for me - he does primare and mac

i would think he would be quite competent to fix any non exotic tube amp, but op should inquire if he would want to work something that is not a mac or a primare
Thanks again to everyone for their comments. I am passing them along to my friend in Seattle.

Best Regards,

Jim Perry
@roxy54 You may have Red Rose confused with another brand. Red Rose was Mark Levinson's brand prior to that it was AudioPrism Both iterations of the brand were made in the USA. I used to own an Audioprism Mantissa preamp.
@jond ,

Thanks for correcting the record on Audio Prism and Red Rose. I have heard these amplifiers driving a few speakers and they are impressive