proac retailer in Seattle area

Looking for proac 1sc, does anybody happen to know any Proac retailer in Seattle area.

thanks in advance

There's one in Portland, OR. Stereotypes. Nice people. No sales tax !
Hey Jerome,

If there is no dealers within 100 miles of your city, you should try giving Audio-Logic a call (see their website). Ask for Kyle, he was able to work some amazing deal for me on a pair of Reponse 3.8.

Good luck,
Try Desco Audio and Video in Olympia Wa. The 1sc's are on display. 1-360-943-1393

Nick what is Audio Logic's e-mail address???What kind of deal did you get? I am looking for a pair of 2.5s to replace my Thiels.

Gjrad, try and ask for Kyle. He was able to get me ~25% discount proably more because of no tax but the shipping cost about $200 (from $7200 down to $5400 for a pair 3.8). Not bad considering the quality of Proac speakers. Good luck. Please make sure that you don't have a dealer close by. Otherwise no deal.

I thought Hawthorne Stereo carried ProAc. Not anymore?

Desco is the only ProAc dealer in the state of Washington.