Recommendations for spade lugs for 14 ga conductor?

I see several spade lugs, such as Furutech and AQ, but they seem to designed to accommodate much large diameter conductor than the 14 ga. Canare 4S11 conductor that I am using for my subwoofer.  Any recommendations would be appreciated, including crimped-style lugs.  Thanks. 
Are you using this just for the sub inputs?

Don't get too expensive. If you were using a passive sub, I'd recommend the WBT folding type of spades.

Otherwise something inexpensive. Check out Parts Connexion, lots of choices there. :)
Some like minimalist spades.  Below are a couple of links to the Vampire SPD spade, which is solid copper with gold plating.   Made for 10-12 awg but should be fine to crimp your 14awg Canare.

BTW, not sure if you are thinking of internal bi-wiring your Canare wires but I would recommend cross-connecting them instead - i.e., connect the two wires across from each other together at each end so two wires go to positive and two to negative.  If you need to bi-wire, do the same again and run a second cable.


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I am very happy with the AQ BFA connectors recommended above on my speaker cables... they provide a very secure fit.  For my REL sub, I got the SL-1 Universal Spade Lugs from LAT International for $12/quad.  They are copper and crimp style.   Cheap and cheerful!  
Correct me if I am wrong, but the 4S11 is not just 14 gauge, each wire is 14 gauge X 4.

Assume you will be cross connecting two wires as mitch points out above and connecting the two in one spade. 
Your first statement is correct.  I only need three of the four conductors to hook up my powered REL sub.  One conductor, one spade connector.