Spade termination on speaker

I just purchased a new speaker cable (well over due). The old cables had banana that fitted into the speaker banana termination. The new cables are Coincident and have big spades at the end. I need to upgrade the termination on my speaker to put these spades in. Any one knows of a good termination to buy to put on my speaker? Where do I buy it from?
Try WBT or Cardas. These seem to be about the most popular products for terminations. Cardas is WBT is You can also try Parts Connection and Parts Express. They both have web sites, just do a search. There is a fellow that has an ad in Stereophile, Mike Percy, Ther are some others. Good Luck, Doug
You can also get a spade to banana adapter. I believe audioquest makes them. That way you can leave the factory silver job solder in tact. I probably have some lying around the house. Email me if you can't locate any.
Thanks a bunch for the reponses.
No I know two sources for a set of spades to mount on the speakers. However, I am curious about the banana - spade connector.
Is a spade to banana connector advisable? I am assuming it will introduce a new connection and cable or is the spade and banana one piece and no cable connection.
Dcaudio- I've tried a couple of the spade-to-banana adapters. They're fine for getting by in a pinch, but I don't recommend them in a hi-res system. Either carefully spread the spades to fit the speaker binding posts or replace the binding posts with Cardas or Edison Price posts, or check with Coincident about retermination with their new locking banana posts. Just my opinion. Good luck.
Yes, Audioquest makes a spade/banana adapter. I tried them as well as ones sold at Radio Shack. My system then sounded better with the Radio Shack adapters over the Audioquest. Do not know why. The RadShack ones are also less then half as much. I had bought the Audioquest ones at Audio Advisor.
Thanks everyone. Learned a lot. In the end figured out that I had some combined banana plugs for the speakers that allow to screw the spade into the top of the connector. The unit is brass and from a company called Mitchell. I bought them 15 years ago, but they seem OK. Thanks everyone.
I've looked through all the threads, and have failed to see mention of an electronics distributor that sells spade terminations without being a high-end name brand (and having prices to match). Can anyone suggest a good source to purchase directly gold or silver crimp-on spades at a reasonable cost? All my most recent components seem to need a 5/16" spade! Thanks.