What's the biggest spade you can buy?

Looking to use spades as terminations on a set of speaker cables. On the amp end - MF NuVista 300 - the binding posts are 14mm in diameter! Can I get a spade to slide snugly onto a post that size or will I have to use bare wire or a banana?
Take a look at Cardas or AudioQuest. I have the same issue with Harmonic Tech Cables and McIntosh amps. I tried to spread them open a little wider but that just ruined them.
Also WBT has some nice spades available as well. You would think manufactures would take that into consideration when selecting connectors for their components. They sem to be all on the same page when it comes to Bal or SE input and out put connections, but speakers can be an issue.
I have this problem all the time, especially at the speaker end with speakers from Europe. It's enough to make you want to switch to bananas. Cable manufacturers should consider moving to larger spades as the standard offering.
I'm sure other MF owners will have some advice, in the meantime, wow, those are huge terminals. The largest spades I'm aware off is Monster's 10mm, but they only work with Monster's locking pin system.

Besides other MF owners, I'd try talking to a MF dealer or the company itself for advice.
just a bit off the topic, but bare wire is the best!
I used to have this unit and the banana connection fit very tight & sounded great. That is the best route for this unit.
Alpha Core solid silver spades may work.
Forget it. I have a Nu-Vista as well and there is no spade that will fit those binding posts. The largest spade I know of is Analysis Plus and even those did not fit. I just use spade to banana adapters.
Bare wire best? I have two concerns:

1.) Frightened that one rogue strand will make its way out to the other terminal. How can this be prevented, other than using one solid core wire? (I prefer stranded.)

2.) Seems to me that cranking down on a flat, symmetric surface (spade) can be made easier and more secure (therefore better electrical contact) than a round nonsymmetric shape (wire).

I don't know, perhaps these concerns are not valid. Prcinka or anyone?